Right As Congressional Baseball Game Was About To Start, Trump Popped In And Did The INCREDIBLE

Image Source: Youtube

The annual Congressional Baseball game aired on Thursday night in Washington. Trump didn’t show up, but he showed up in spirit. His daughter Ivanka Trump did show up. Watch what Trump said below. Then you NEED to see what happened at the beginning of the baseball game.

Now you got to see the amazing moment from the beginning of the game. Grab your tissues. David Bailey, one of the Capitol Hill police officers shot in the shooting, surprised the crowd and threw the opening pitch. He was even injured and stepped out and shocked the crowd.

Give it up for this hero.

Bailey was accompanied by baseball legend Joe Torre. Scalise is going into his third surgery since the shooting.

God bless this country. We need to come together. Share, share, share this everywhere and say a prayer for our country to come together! What a heroic moment to watch that hero throw that pitch.

Thanks for reading, patriots.

(h/t The Hill)

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  1. Liberals, can’t believe you don’t get it we have the Tapes it’s true. Buck up and get behind the President and our Country.

  2. I pray that this violent attack helps to bring our leaders together to do what is best for our country. Our country needs their leaders to unite and protect us from our enemies. We are Stronger when we are united.

    God Bless America

  3. It would be nice if we can all come together and work together instead of fighting each other. We all will be better off if we do come together. But no to one religion and no to one world order.

  4. The Trump family are amazing people we are so fortunate to have them as our first family
    The TRUMP family is amazing we are so fortunate to have them in the White House as our first family God bless them and keep them safe


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