Right After Kathy Griffin Press Conference, Mike Huckabee Got the PERFECT Revenge

Source:Gage Skidmore/Youtube

You can’t go two seconds now without hearing about Kathy Griffin and her horrible video now. Now Mike Huckabee has joined in and sent her a message she NEEDS to hear.

So maybe you remember how Griffin said during her press conference that Donald Trump and old white guys ruined her career? Yeah, crazy, I know. Well, Huckabee had this message for her:

It wasn’t old white men who ruined your career, it was YOU!

I’d say Huckabee hit the nail on the head, there. How is it that this “comedian” thinks that ANYONE else is to blame after she made an ISIS video with the head of a US President?

She needs to look in a mirror and see who the real monster is. She won’t like the answer.

Oh, and trust me, Kathy Griffin DOES have a mirror. Just check out her ridiculous anti-Trump commercial all about them.

I bet that’s a video she regrets now. Haha. Good ridden to bad rubbish. Now she is not a D-list comedian anymore, she is just a psycho.

If you think that Mike Huckabee was right about Kathy “bloody head” Griffin, share this out and let’s show her what happens with you mess with the United States.


  1. She is truly classless she sites him as being classless? Well listen to her pristine clean “little” mouth! Eff off Donald? Really classy Kathy! So long wench!

  2. I can’t believe she is blaming the President for this ! She has done nothing but disrespect him since he became President and his family ! She ruined her own so called career !

  3. This is one person I’m glad I have no time for. Anyone who can verbally batter a child would never make my list of decent people. It certainly is not comedy no matter how you view it. Shame Shame Shame.

  4. He was right but has she been charged. She darn well should be, we all know what is a threat and they did. But were expecting to be able to use satire and their freedom of speech as comedians to say anything about anyone at will. Her and others should be fined and jailed hopefully with a felony charge which puts them on a special list.

  5. Responsibility begins at home. When we make a mistake, we confess it and move on. We can’t blame everyone else for what went wrong. There is too much of it these days. Governor Huckabee is right. Kathy needs to look in a mirror and see the real culprit.

  6. Yeah Mike Huckabee ..Your spoke truth! It seems the far left has a ailment of not being able to except responsibility and has to blame someone else.

  7. So sad. Exhibits a problem and total de-tachment from reality for Kathy Griffin. This will probably up Her ratings. This is the pathetic part about Hollywood.

  8. I don’t feel bad for Kathy at all if she is not happy with our commander and chief maybe she should move out of United States

  9. she did it to herself she is a vulgar person who has been kicked off many shows for her foul language hope the trumps sue her for what she is saying on live tv today it shows that her apology yesterday was a lie and all of this is a set up to provoke the pres to say something back so she can sue him you need to hide your face with a potato bag your so ugly griffin.

  10. Huckabee never ever sent Kathy Gifford that note!! He’s got way more class than that. That is a fake note anyone could have posted.

  11. This no talent lesbian whore should just keel over and die right now. She is the lowest form of life and doesn’t deserve to remain as part of the human race any longer than absolutely necessary.

  12. Prosecute her ass and Hillary and Obummer too while your at it!! The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED IF THIS!! LEAVE OUR PRESIDENT ALONE!! The American people are also sick and tired of our tax dollars supporting the rest of the WORLD TOO!!

  13. Why is this stupid `B` still walking around free??? If it was me, you, or Joe blow down the street we would be in jail!! The whole country is reacting to Kathy Griffin’ s terrorist video towards our POTUS and she needs to be in jail clearly being a threat to our Country. Her apology was so weak and insincere and if that wasn’t enough then she gets on tv and boo hoos that everyone is being mean to her and she’s going to make fun of Donald Trump even more so right there that tells everyone that her apology was only to try to save her A**she is despicable and disgusting and an poor excuse of a human.

  14. Please American people it is the fact that she had a head not who it was. How do you feel when you see ISIS do something like this, what makes her any different. Should she get away with this just because she is a comedian, I say NO.

  15. You bet Huckabee hit the nail on the head. Kathy has know one to blame but herself. How in the world does she think President Trump, his family or anyone else is to blame for her stupidness. She has know one to blame for her fall but herself. That is what is wrong with our society today, always wanting to blame everyone else but themselves for their actions. Kathy how stupid do you think the American are?

  16. It sounds like she is so educated,she only knows 2 word F Off,she must have graduated from ucberkley,and all these FOWL mouth idiots think they represent the women of this country,I did not crawl out from under a rock to take my first breath

  17. Kathy: You get what you give. You are Psycho. You need to get mental help. OR.
    Just Retire. You are not funny. You always have a potty mouth. Bye Bye!

  18. Than goodness Mike Huckabee let her know exactly what all Americans think of her – and what a liar she is –
    Trump and his family did nothing to her she done it to herself – we AMERICANS are sick of all the crap these people are putting out there about our PRESIDENT and are going to attack every one of you if you don’t stop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. How could she blame others for ruining her career?! Look at the loser she thinks should’ve been President! She lost the election months ago and is still coming up with lists of scapegoats!

  20. About Griffin she isn’t funny she is a idiot maybe she should get s job putting manicans together and I Am disappointed in her Lawyer. Fake tears too and blame everyone else accept yourself!

  21. She is no better than a terrorist,they behead and want praise for it, she’s sick and no one else is to blame but herself,the old lady comedian who never was that funny., move on missy….let’s see who pays to see your act now!

    If more of her projects cancel and sponsors leave her she will have no choice but to run for political office like the rest of the liberals did.


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