While Scalise Lies In The Hospital, Elizabeth Warren Just THREATENED Something Worse

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The left has totally lost it. There hasn’t been a political meltdown this bad since Chernobyl, Fukushima, you name it. It’s bad. Now, we have Republicans getting gunned down. It’s a bad time in American politics. Now take a look at what Elizabeth Warren has to say about this.

You know how I know that she’s wrong. Democrats are now killing Republicans. Let’s take a look at Exhibit A below.

 Exhibit A.


Exhibit B.

Leftist violence is all the rage right now. If it’s not ISIS trying to kill you, it’s a liberal trying to silence you or shoot you. Elizabeth Warren needs to ratchet it down a notch.

Democrats have already reached nasy.

Share this if you think that Elizabeth Warren needs to get voted out of office. Make this go so viral that she gets voted out office in 2018. (h/t Fox and Friends)

Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016.


  1. Why do so many for whom we once had respect, take the low road and engage in immature opinions, accusations and stupid assertions? They could do so much better leading the U.S. citizens to a higher level through cooperation, positive statements and suggestions for better ways of doing things. They sink so low in the gutter of thought and bad actions which demean our country. Perhaps, its a throwback to their childhood days when they didn’t get the toy they wanted or had to share with a sibling and still resent it.

  2. Her kind is a wast of humanity, she is like a rabbit dog that needs to be put down.or ship her out who needs her kind in the country let alone in our government.

  3. The only thing you forgot were all the people who do not agree with your failed policy and you Marxist platform..and your shameless use of poor minorities you only bother to think about when you need their votes pocohontas

  4. Why isn’t she under arrest fog threatening the president and inciting criminal behavior and seditious conspiracy.

    We the people are pretty much over these career criminals.

  5. It’s very sad when the leftist are destroying America and its people and we sit by and watch it? Stop this nonsense lives are at stake. Someone better start caring. What a sad example is being shown to our children. Very sad days not only on America but being seen around the world. God help us all.

  6. Pocahontas should have her ass kicked so hard that she would be wearing as a hat and also kicked out of the Senate! She’s a disgrace!

  7. ………..And they ,the Islamic people, and extremists like this loon, are a looming danger to all other Americans…..our number one “Clear and Present Danger!


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