SHAMEFUL! Popular Publication Just Insulted Ivanka and Kellyanne Big League


What a slap in the face!  Cosmopolitan Magazine just totally snubbed conservative women!  It’s so biased and unfair and shows just how closed-minded this magazine is!

Cosmo just published an article where they named 7 women who they think could be the first female President of the United States…and not a single conservative made the cut!

Among the women in their list was, of course, Elizabeth Warren.  Oprah Winfrey made the list, too.  They also named Sheryl Sandberg and several female Democrat Senators.

Like they could not think of one single conservative woman?  What about Kellyanne Conway?  Ivanka Trump?  Susan Collins?  Condaleeza Rice?  I mean, Ms. Rice is a former Secretary of State, but they put Oprah on the list instead?!


I’m OK with Oprah.  She’s a smart woman and people like her.  But Cosmo’s list shows the clear prejudice that liberal publications like this have against conservatives!

There are a TON of intelligent, capable conservative women out there that could do anything they want, including running for POTUS, and winning.  But liberals refuse to acknowledge us.  It’s infuriating!

Hey, maybe I’ll take a stab at it in the future!  Trump sure has been a good role model for believing that anyone, even a non-politician businessman, or woman,  from New York can be President!

If you know of conservative women who would make a great POTUS, please give a shout out and SHARE this article so everyone knows what to do with Cosmo Magazine!

[H/T Fox News]

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  1. Because Cosmo is a soft porn magazine and the conservative women you mentioned aren’t skanks who believe in killing and dismembering the unborn.


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