This Small-Town Mayor Needed Help, so Trump Gave him a call- What Happens Next is INCREDIBLE

Source: Youtube, ABC News (Australia), VCU InSight

President Trump just did an awesome thing for the town of Tangier, a small island community in the Chesapeake Bay. The island has been suffering from terrible erosion over the past few years, at a rate of 15 ft per year, which could drastically affect its long-term habitability.

The mayor, James Eskridge, sent out a call to President Trump during an interview with CNN about the island community. He said:

“Donald Trump, if you see this, whatever you can do, we welcome any help you can give us,” continuing with “I love Trump as much as any family member I got.

Mr. Eskridge never expected to hear from the President, so he was shocked when his phone rang a few days later, with President Trump on the line.

Mr. Eskridge said that President Trump shared his concern for the island’s erosion problem during the call and that the President would be ready to listen to ideas to fix it. The mayor described the phone call:

“He said [the erosion] is a problem, and maybe when I’m up in Washington, I could come by and we could chat about it.”

Mr. Eskridge is hopeful President Trump can help him cut through the red tape around building a protective seawall for his island, saying:

He’s for cutting regulations and the time it takes to study a project. Of course you need the studies, but we’ve been studied to death.”

This is such a wonderful story, and it’s so like President Trump to look out for ways to help those in need, especially when it comes to his favorite thing to do- building! Check out this short video of Mayor Eskridge and the Island of Tangier’s serious erosion problem:

The media only ever prints the negative things about President Trump- so share this nice story about how he’s helping this American community personally 10,000 times!

(h/t The Washington Post)


  1. How wonderful it would be for the country if the criminal anti-trump media would publish reality good news!! It would help us all to re-unite!!!

  2. When he actually starts helping, let’s talk about it. He doesn’t keep his promises, and feels no obligations to keep his promises. He is a man who is very much all talk and no action. Trump supporters – the resistance only has to wait. Trump is self-destructing and for all of us – it is not pretty to watch.

  3. No daunt, Preside Trump is the president America needs. We should be proud of. Him. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  4. All of these “little” things that appear to be insignificant add up to a big contribution to our country and to our existence.

  5. Trump is a man of his word. Obama was a man that ignored all problems, in fact he created them. Good for President Trump, hope that problem for that small town gets solved quickly.

  6. Pres Trump, POSITIVE News ignored by the MSM. DISGUSTING.!!!! CNN is the LEADER of the MSM Debacle, False Information and Defamation, nevermind the Incitement to a REVOLUTION.!!!!

  7. President Trump is FANTASTIC & CARING
    Thank U Mr.President.
    We love U, & appreciate that U R trying to use R US $’s
    to help US Citizen’s, & to restore R Military…
    What can U do to put a STOP to the
    “FAKE MEDIA” ???
    We R so FED UP with all their lies.
    We LOVE U so much,
    & wish only the very best 4 U & your entire Family…
    Happy, Healthy days ahead.

  8. This is exactly the kind of ” hands on” management that this country needs! Instead of handing this issue off to some committee which would look only for partisan gain…..Trump makes a phone call to reassure that this mayor knows Trump gives a crap and has heard this mayors call for help!

  9. That is wonderful of Trump to return his call. Trump has a good heart and will come up with some good ideas to save this island. God protect this Island and its people.

  10. <3 <3 <3 MY PRESIDENT!!!! He loves America and I love OUR country America too!!! God Bless America and God Bless Mr. Trump!!!!

  11. fantastic, another example of a President with a big heart who is willing to take the time to listen to the little guy

  12. Me Trump I have won many bets from when you first was gonna run for president and so thankful you won and will always be a supporter to you now and even if you run again if your helping people out would love for the help to get out of California and move back to New Hampshire to my home my dad and Grampa build start a new life back there so I wouldn’t have to work this two full time jobs to survive out here in this messed up state at 55 years old thanks

  13. Unfortunately, the report I’ve seen on this story talked about how Trump rejected climate change as the reason for the erosion. Seeing this version of the story, I wonder why, if the situation has been studied for years and a wall seems to be the answer, it wasn’t handled by the previous administration.

  14. May God Bless the whole Trump Family – we care about them & Grateful for all they try to do for America.The Children are also nice- wish the Demos & some Repubs get their crap together and work for America
    God Bless You!!

  15. The liberals do not think like normal Americans, their brains are conditioned to take and get everything they can, only care about themselves. They are deplorable. Let’s see if fake news reports this story?

  16. My friends have visited Tangier Island and love the experience and the people. So happy the President is interested in helping with the erosion problem.


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