Tom Cotton Just SILENCED The Entire Senate When He Asked Sessions This One SHOCKING Question!


Senator Tom Cotton, like most Americans, realizes that today’s hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions was nothing but taxpayer funded political theater.

After listening to Democrats drill our Attorney General with the most ridiculous questions, Senator Cotton decided that he had enough. Cotton called out Democrats for their disgusting behavior, and he did it perfectly…


“A very simple question that should be asked is did Donald Trump or any of his associates in the campaign collude with Russia in hacking those emails and releasing them to the public. That’s where we started six months ago. We have now heard from six of the eight Democrats on this committee, and to my knowledge, I don’t think a single one of them asked that question,” Cotton said.

“They’ve gone down lots of other rabbit trails, but not that question. Maybe that is because when Jim Comey said last week, as he said to Donald Trump that three times that on three times, he assured him he was not under investigation. Maybe it’s because multiple Democrats on this committee have stated that they have seen no evidence, thus far, after six months of our investigation and ten — or eleven months — of the FBI investigation of any such collusion. “

Senator Cotton went on to ask Sessions how he felt about spy fiction, pointing out how unrealistic this “collusion” narrative sounds.

Sessions thanked the Senator and once again reiterated that he NEVER colluded with any foreign power.

Thank God we have a Senator who is willing to stand up for the American people and speak the truth about this “investigation”.

Thank you Senator Cotton for being the voice of the people! We know that the Trump campaign never colluded with Russia and that he won this election fair and square.

It’s time to stop this witch hunt and let the President do his job!




  1. A good question. Wish the democrats would learn how not to spend so many taxpayer dollars beating around the bush and shoving their faces in the cameras.

  2. THANK YOU Tom Cotton…this was nothing but a political witch hunt…these ignorant people asked the same question over and over to try and trip up Sessions but didn’t get the job done…Thanks for calling these ridiculous people, who get rich off the American people and don’t get a dang thing done, out…how many more months of this stupidity do we have to put up with…MOVE ON…NO COLLUSION…YOU WERE WRONG…AGAIN! They are just looking at anything to take this wonderful President down because they know ALL their asses are on the line…most corrupt former administration in my lifetime, and I go all the way back to JFK…

  3. I watched this side show.Ridculous ! Comey said under oath that there was no evidence of collusion AFTER HE WAS FIRED.The democrats are putting on a show,trying to make citizens that ACTUALLY know the truth,that they should BE IN POWER.They are scared of Trump. Remember Drain the Swamp? Put a stop to this insanity,to the violent paid demonstratersThey are holding up YOUR HEALTH CARE,your job opportunities,your infrastructure,the unity of our country.All of this and more AND WE GET TO PAY FOR THIS CIRCUS WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. CALL YOUR REPS AND TELL THEM HOW MAD YOU ARE AND STOP IT.

  4. No dem senator asked the question because they already know the answer. It’s NO. This is all just a big circle jerk for them to act like they have the moral high ground. While occupying sewer level ground.

  5. That is what this whole hearing is about, they don’t want President Trump to do his job for the Americans who voted him in, they want to side track, delay, lie and lie some more

  6. Jeff Sessions is an Honorable man and loves America. We know from Comey and the rest of the Intelligence agency. There is no Collusion. Unless you want to look at the Democrats. Brazile, Clinton and Schultz colluded to commit election fraud and got caught at it. This whole Russia narrative has been created by the Democrats. Who was the ones caught hacking into the Georgia Secretary of States computers? Not President Trump and not the Russians. Obama’s Dept Of Homeland Security go caught with their hand in the cookie jar and to me this was an attempt to point fingers at the Russians so the states would beg the Federal government to help the secure their state voting. Remember when Obama asked all the states if they needed “HELP” with their voting security? This investigation need to be pointed at the Democrats bigly…..

  7. Why are democrats in congress, and out of congress so hateful ! From what we see, they’re having such a hard time letting it go ! They have become obsessed with a mapped out plan,cooked up by sick minds to bring down President Trump ). SHAME ON THEM ! It won’t work, give it up !

  8. WE, the people are getting sick and tired of this costly and useless time consuming b.s. investigations. They keep on talking about a piece of garbage but no one from the other side ever offers or has the clean conscience or attitude of throwing it to a garbage can! Enough is enough please! We are paying you with our tax money for you not to do this political insanity. Go to the business of the country in improving our economy and pay our debts to improve our lives! Why can’t you work and help each other for all our well being? Are you people not living in this country as U.S. citizens? We reiterate, enough is enough!

  9. We have all been screeming at our TV and computer screens for months. Thank you Senator Cotton, this is what we have wanted to hear. Someone needed to say it and I’m glad it was you who did. Thank you

  10. Nutty democrats want to continue being silly, moronic and ridiculous in front of the camera. What a stupid bunch of people and the bad thing is some of us put them in there to run our country!

  11. I agree stop this Witch HUnt . Your wasting my money on this Witch Hunt. I want my tax money to go to the necessary things like out my country. Stop acting like a bunch of little boys and girls and get on with taking care of my country. This foolishment has to stop now!!!!!!!!!.

  12. Many of them have acted like low class idiots instead of elected people to help run this country. And even worse, many did not show up at the Inauguration! THAT should have caused them to be placed on probation without pay for 90 days plus have their pictures on the front page of their home state newspaper. They can be replaced.

  13. I wish I could make Neon sign of Senator Cotton and of Mr Sessions and post it across America on every major roadway and shut the mouths of the lying bad losers HILIARY AND OBAMA!!

  14. Nice to hear a simple to the point question instead of grandstanding pushing the Democrats agenda for a change. When does the investigation into James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s collusion to interfere with the 2016 election begin? That is what should be investigated.

  15. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knew six months ago that NO ONE IN THE TRUMP CAMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. This has all been extremely tiring political theater and a giant Liberal Democrat fit because they’ve lost on every level of governance in the country. There has been massive prosecutions of Democrats from all over the country for almost every conceivable crime in the book, but they have thrown this entire “Russian Narrative” as a smokescreen to cover their tracks. Their shadow government is being smoked out and the participants will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. Tom Cotton is one of the Good Guys in the Republican Party, not backstabbing tyrannical trash like John McCain, who should be shown the door and never allowed to hold another office because of his Dementia. Congress needs Term Limits above all else!

  17. The democrat party ceased to exist on 11-22-63, and became the communist party. The past 8 1/2 years they showed their true colors with their lying, cheating, and stealing. They should be totally ignored in DC because the hole this country is in was caused by them!!

  18. We need to end this investigation and get on with the business of taking care of our country. Stop the democrats from not working but playing to get paid by our taxes. I am so sick of their trying to hide from all the lies they are making just to stop our President. Wake up America and accept we have a great President


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