Tom Cotton Just SILENCED The Entire Senate With What He Just Leaked On Hillary Clinton


Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Hillary Clinton on Wednesday when questioning the Select Committee on Intelligence. Start watching the video at 1:00 minute in to watch the slaughter.

Senator Cotton: “In response to whether or not Donald Trump had become an agent of Russia and their efforts to sow discord and discontent about our elections, you said that you declined to answer…”

“Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Since her election defeat, Hillary Clinton has blamed her loss on the Russians, Vladimir Putin, the FBI agent James Comey, fake news, Wikileaks, Twitter, Facebook and my personal favorite, content farms in Macedonia.”

“In her blaming her loss on these actors, has Hillary Clinton become an unwitting agent of Russians goals in the United States.” 

Hillary Clinton said that anyone that doesn’t accept the results of the election would be a “direct threat to our democracy.”

SHARE THIS if you think that Hillary Clinton has tried to twist the results of the election. This is so treasonous. The whole Russia conspiracy is a huge hoax and we need to bury this thing. It is a huge waste of time.


  1. Ha. Ha. Crooked. Hillary,,what a lyin loser,,this scum deserves to be Lookin through horizontal curtains for the next 10 years,,If u looked under rocks,,there you,d find. Obama. Clinton. Shumer. Pelosi. Brazil’s. Etc. Etc. Go Trump

  2. Hillary and Bill were and are corrupted morons, anyone with a shred of intelligence knows it, and many long time democrats and republicans are just as corrupted politicians n Washington right now. Trump never lied,there is a swamp of corruption in Washington, and many of the corrupted are fighting to keep Trump from draining their money making swamp of power and corruption.

  3. HUGE waste of time. American people have been saying this from day one.
    Put the focus on agenda, support our elected President and his administration…and get the darn swamp drained. Prosecute the crooks.

  4. sad!!!People want money and power!! Life is short and eternity is ..forever!!! Live and serve others like Jesus did!!!

  5. Hillary the misandrist hypocrite, would anyone who has been around as long as the Clintons really expect any different from her! The world mmm an has more blood on her hands than a Chicago ER doctor after a gang war.

  6. you’re kidding, right? Slaughter? Hillary’s name barely came up and these folks wouldn’t address the issue. This article was a waste of my time, and a waste of space on the page.

  7. The man “assaulted” on our embassy steps in Russia was an undercover CIA spy, it was found out and Killary got access to the highly confidential SAP files which list those people and sold that info to other countries for donations to her fake charity “Clinton foundation”. Most CIA spies found out and ran for their lives but he was one of the slow ones who didn’t, they were trying to arrest him before he could get into the door for safety. I found an article in wikileakes about it.

  8. Gee maybe I should apply as an agent. Cause I can give the same or just as good an answer as that guy.i have an idea put that guy in charge at the IRS then we can go I can’t answer that at this time.

  9. I have only recently learned that there is a Tom Cotton working in our government. And so far, I am liking what I am hearing. Sounds like Mr. Cotton is one of the few people in government with a fair and balanced concept of the issues or people who created the issues.


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