TRUMP DECLARES WAR! Look What Brutal Thing He Just Released On James Comey

Image Source: Fox 5

As we all know, Comey has had his day testifying on Capitol Hill.  And what does he have to show for it? Nothing good. The President tweeted out about James Comey’s testimony on Friday morning.


The President’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz, is going to file a complaint against James Comey based on Comey’s own admission, on live TV, that he leaked memos to the press AFTER the President canned him!

I love how the Senator who is questioning him there pretty much says Comey’s actions in giving the memo to someone else to give to the press was a cowardly act. He’s a weak man, and always full of excuses!

That’s right, Comey was fired and he was mad.  He’s trying to paint himself as a martyr, but he is nothing but a self-serving coward.

Trump also tweeted this out recently.

Comey insinuated that HE didn’t give the memo to the New York Times, one of his very close friends did.  Like that makes it OK?  Come on!  He was 100% responsible for the unauthorized disclosure of privileged information to the press.  After he was fired!

And here’s a juicy little tidbit from Trump’s attorney:  “Although Mr. Comey testified that he only leaked the memos in response to a tweet, the public record reveals that the New York Times was quoting from those memos the day before the referenced tweet, which belies Mr. Comey’s excuse for this unauthorized disclosure of privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory.”

So that makes Comey a liar, too!

Help get Trump’s words out by sharing this everywhere! It’s time to take down Comey for good.

[H/T Fox News, Daily Mail]

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  1. President Trump you have been through so much uncalled for mess. I’m so sorry, but want you to know how much we love and appreciate all you have done. You are a strong man but much. We are praying for you daily. I heard one day there were 45,000 praying just.for you. God Bless You

  2. Comey needs to be indicted and thrown in prison! All he’s doing is making up things b/c Trump fired him. Like he’s really going to say Trump is a good guy. Ask me about my ex-wife and see how much good I have to say about her.

  3. Comey is a leaking imbecile that incriminated himself and Lynch, he could have went away peacefully but chose to be a moron. I think he is being coached by liberal morons in Washington to keep the democrat dog and pony show alive.

  4. DONALD TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT for all AMERICANS! He has built a cabinet of carefully selected advisers that can only help him make America, safer, stronger, more prosperous and greater than ever before!

    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, crooked Hillary, despite her underhanded cheating and attempt to rig the election couldn’t stop him, so why are so many wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never before seen in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever seen! A safer, stronger more prosperous and greater than ever before AMERICA!

    Anyone that has ever listened to a Donald Trump speech knows that he is an amazing man, with amazing ambition and love for GOD, AMERICA and the AMERICAN people!

    Donald Trump, you are the Most Brilliant President Ever!

    President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the lying, fake news mainstream media couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her underhanded cheating and doing everything she could to rig the election including being fed the questions likely to be asked before the debates, couldn’t stop him and no one is going to stop him!
    President Trump did more in his first eight days than Obama did in eight years!

  5. That isn’t all. Comey now says he no longer has those copious notes he wrote or the one to his friend accusing Trump. How stupid can he be his friend admitted Comey sent him the accusatory note and the Times printed. Is he using Hillary’s magic screen cleaner? How stupid can this lying leaker be, and how many other leaks did this Coward dribble out of his Jockey’s? Comey is the perfect poster boy for Depends.


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