Trump SHOCKED The Nation With What He Just Did to Obama And His Refugees


Most people don’t know this, but in Obama’s last three months, there were 25,000 refugees accepted into the US. Under President Trump, 13,000 refugees have been admitted into the country. It’s mostly because of the travel ban. Remember what Obama said about the refugees?

The executive travel ban that Trump introduced at the beginning of the year caused the first major dip. It stopped people from coming in from Muslim-majority countries.

Obama had a quota in 2016 of getting 110,000 refugees. This is tiny compared to the number that of Germany – who accepts a million a year. According to Pew Research, 116,000 refugees were accepted in 2016 – this is the largest in more than a decade for the US. Trump has dramatically decreased the flow.

Trump has drastically reduced the number to a quota of 50,000 for 2017. It’s not set in stone because courts are likely to challenge, according to Daily Mail.

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  1. Thank you Mr Trump for shutting the door on the refugees we have enough in this country. We do not need any more of the outsiders to come in. They are ruining our country with all their drug lords, and all the drugs being brought into this country USA also all the Isalmic’s they hate us American’s they would like to wipe us off the map. So I thank you for shutting those doors and bringing no more in. Do to Obama, and Hillary they brought in all these refugees they are just using America to get what they want down with American’t. They said that they believe that all Americans and Jewish people should die. So again THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT FOR LOOKING AFTER OUR BEST INTEREST IN THE THE GOOD OLD USA. God Bless Bernadine

  2. When are democrats going to wake up to realise that President Donald Trump is the hardest working President in history, for the benefit of all Americans? President Trump is a real patriot. Please democrats, stop wasting his time with your senseless distractions and let him clean up the mess, you left this Country in. Leave his family alone, they are off limits to you. God Bless President Trump and America.

  3. There should be a total ban on Muslim refugees. Those currently here should be deported. Make America safe, ban Islam in the USA. Bring our troops home from Muslim countries and fight Islam in the USA. Islam is NOT a religion. Why it is not a religion: murder, pedapliles, women abuse, terrorism, intolerance of anyone not believing their midevil political ideology, and total intolerance for the mentally ill lgbt. These thing do not describe a religion.
    Tell me why I am wrong.

  4. We do not need more péople from other countries, to come here to mooch off of our péoples hard work, !!! My question is,,,, why don,t they stay at there country and scream as they do here ???we do not owe anyone from other countries anything!!!!. Actually they owe us !!!. We have helped so many!! And that is ok. But we do not need others to come here and tell us what to dô, and give them anything .

  5. Why can we not run our own country. 50,000 is 50,000 too many, how can the courts tell our president we have to take in more. ban them all on the basis of endangering and bankrupting our own citizens.

  6. Keep the very strict vetting in place..include requirement they learn English, pass law that all forms & documents be in English only. Include the work for welfare for refugees also

  7. President Trump is merely attempting to protect the USA from what is obviously a Muslim tide of terror. It’s a shame that democrats still haven’t realized they lost the election and why, and Obama is doing everything to hamper anything being done to improve his dismal stint as President . Trump NEVER said an outright ban…he stated that a 6 month halt until our ineffective vetting system can be improved to weed out the radicals and let the intelligent and promising ones in.


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