Caitlyn Jenner To Run For Political Office In This State, Look Which One


Caitlyn Jenner appeared in a radio interview on Sunday and made a big announcement.

She is considering running for the United States Senate, representing California!

Many of us remember Caitlyn as Bruce Jenner, when he won Olympic Gold, so she obviously knows about hard work, and commitment to a goal.


And now it looks like she wants to be a part of Trump’s Administration, as part of the drained swamp!

Caitlyn said that she was considering making the run and would make a decision in the next six months.  She has been a Republican all her life, and would run on the GOP ticket.  (Listen to her interview by clicking above).

The seat she would run for is currently held by Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Her seat will come open in 2018.  She is 84 years old and hasn’t said if she will run again.

Jenner said:  “I hope to change the perception of the Republican Party and make it the party of equality.”   Of course, we all know that, in recent years, she has  become very vocal in support of the transgender community as well as of the LGBTQ community.

Do you think Jenner would be a good representative of the Republican party?  Do you think she could win in California?  Please comment, then SHARE this all over!

[H/T The Los Angeles Times]


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