IMPOSSIBLE: Lindsay Lohan Just Said Something UNTHINKABLE About Trump

Source: The View/ White House

It’s funny how the world works. Ask me just 1 year ago if I agreed with Lindsay Lohan, who had been working on converting to Islam at the time. The answer would have been “No Way”.

Well, today she managed to change all that and jump onboard the Trump Train…

Lindsay Lohan said it’s time for everyone to start trusting our President.

Her tweet was in response to a friend of hers saying all the people at CNN need to start respecting President Trump because he is doing a great job. Looks like Miss Lohan agrees.


So there you have it. Lindsay Lohan has now gone full-circle to become the most rational person in Hollywood.

She has every right to feel the way she does. The media has been bullying Trump since the very beginning. However, they are still too blind to see he leads them like sheep.

So congratulations, CNN. Lindsay Lohan is officially more in touch with the American people than your CEO Jeff Zucker. Time to get on board or get OFF Television.


  1. Honestly, I am thankful she has any brain cells left. Just surviving the last 5 years of her life is impressive, but with a brain in tact……remarkable


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