DESPICABLE: When You See Who Russian Lawyer that Met With Don Jr Works for, You will Be SICK


UPDATE: The US Justice Department settled with the Russian billionaire on March, 2017, after Obama was out of office.

The plot is getting way thicker here, y’all. If you thought it was bad enough that Obama’s own Attorney General Loretta Lynch let the Russian lawyer into the US, you will be FUMING when you see who she works for.

So at this point, we know the Russian lawyer who met with Don Jr, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was in the US on a special pass to represent her boss, Denis Katsyv. And Mr Katsyv is connected to the DIRTY DOSSIER on Trump!


Okay, Katsyv is a billionaire businessman and son of top Moscow official. He was being charged with over $230 million in money laundering charges, which were later dropped to $6 million.


While he was in the US, he and Miss Veselnitskaya paid out Fusion GPS, the company who later went on to compile to untrue “dirty dossier” about Trump claiming he had prostitutes pee on each other.

During that time he also hired Ron Dellums, a former Democratic congressman from California. Dellums is a long-time friend guessed it…Hillary Clinton.

Ron Dellums with Hillary Clinton

Now just try and tell me that is not suspicious. This man is hiring Democrats and all kinds of people going after Donald Trump.

Then, to top it all off, his huge money laundering charges disappear while Obama is President and Hillary Clinton still has sway. Look, this may not be the smoking gun yet, but there IS absolutely smoke.

Don’t let the media bury this and peddle their own made up stories. We need to get this shared to everyone. Should Congress investigate these ties immediately?


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