HOLD ON: Professor who Leaked Comey Memos Just Dropped BOMBSHELL on Media…This is HUGE


Uh-Oh, guys. This whole Comey-memo story just got a whole Hell of a lot crazier. FOX News may be in a whole world of hurt after allegedly misleading the President by suggesting the Comey memos leaked contained classified info.

While Comey is absolutely a leaker, his Professor friend, Daniel Richman, who delivered the memos to the New York Times went public today with another revelation that changes everything again:

James Comey did not give the NY Times ANY of the classified memos.

So let me clear this up. Four of the 7 memos recorded did have classified information. James Comey gave Richman the other 3.

Daniel Richman told Politico,


“Jim Comey never gave me a memo that was classified, and the memo whose substance I passed on the Times has never to my knowledge been classified.”

Now, look, I am not saying that I trust James Comey. However, he is not a dumb man, and he would know WHICH memos to leak to protect himself. The head of the FBI knows all those rules.

This revelation is huge especially after Trump’s fiery tweet this morning where he said Comey broke the law by revealing classified info.

So FOX News has a lot of explaining to do. That’s like a CNN level mistake. Now, everything is still heresay┬áright now. Comey could have leaked classified info. The law in the US declares him innocent until proven guilty, however, and we are a nation of laws.

Help rectify this error and get this info to Trump ASAP by sharing this with all your family and friends.


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