Minutes Ago Trump Walked Up To Marine, Locked Eyes, Then Did Something HEART STOPPING

Image Source: Youtube

CNN will probably headline the following video with the following: Trump forces Marine to wear hat despite resistance. That’s not what really happened, though. Check this out and watch the video below.

You got to love President Trump. He found the Marine’s hat and then picks it up and puts it back on him. Watch the amazing video below.



God bless our Marines. President Trump really cares about our men and women in uniform and makes it a point to show it every moment he can.

The touching moment occurred at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland as Trump got on Marine One to go to Mar-a-Lago resort.

Share this if you are proud of our President and glad that he cares about our troops. Give our troops a God bless below.

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  1. what a wonderful man President Trump is if this doesn’t show you who he is
    you really have
    a problem has a American.


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