NOT FAIR: Right After Getting FIRED From FBI, James Comey Just Got Something INSANE

Source: Wikipedia

Some things in this world are just not right. I would say giving a disgraced FBI Director like James Comey MILLIONS of dollars would fit that bill, wouldn’t you?

Well, just take a look for yourself and see what is happening right now. I’m sure you all figured Comey was gonna write a book but did you know it’s expected to sell for around $10 million?!

Now tell me, is that fair for a man who was dumped as an FBI director for REPEATEDLY breaking protocol? I sure don’t think so. Why do book publishers LOVE making people like him RICH?

Oh, and guess which Political group is handling the book…wait for it…REPUBLICANS!


According to the Daily Mail,

“LatimerĀ and his Javelin associate Keith UrbahnĀ are veterans of GOP administrations and members of Congress, with Latimer serving as President George W. Bush’s deputy director of speechwriting and as the chief speechwriter to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.”

Urbahn worked for Mitch McConnell himself.

They are trying to pitch Comey’s book as a “tell-all” with everything from “White House intrigue to possible corruption and law breaking.”

Look, I’ve watched ALL of Comey’s speeches and testimonies and if history tells us anything, this book will be a big Nothing Burger.

If you think we should start a boycott of Comey’s book, spread it by sharing this everywhere.


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