PARDON ME? Trump Just Said This About His Pardon Power That Has Libs Screaming


In true fake news style, the WaPo came out the other day with a tall tale about how President Trump was looking into his pardon power, including whether he could actually pardon himself.

And even the WaPo had to acknowledge that, yes, he can pardon even himself.

But, hold on, is Trump even really discussing this as a possibility?  Not according to his lawyer, Jay Sekulow.  He said:

“Pardons pertaining to the ongoing federal probe into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling are not being discussed and are not on the table.”


Take a look at this video, about about 5:50 in, where they discuss “un-named sources” who are the ones who are allegedly claiming that Trump has looked into his pardon power:

Here we go, again.  Un-named sources…it’s like fighting a ghost in the dark, isn’t it?  I mean this woman, Rosalind Helderman, even claims that no other president has ever even asked about his pardon power!  How the heck would she know that?!

The WaPo has proven itself again and again to be fake news.  Why in the world would we believe that they have this “source” who has real knowledge of what the President is asking about in the White House.  Give me some real proof!

If you insist on real proof, not rumor, innuendo and un-named sources, and want your family and friends to see the truth, please get this SHARED everywhere and comment “NoFakeNews!

[H/T The Daily Caller]


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