IT’S OVER: Right After CNN Caught For Blackmail, CEO Zucker Said DUMBEST Thing Possible

Source: Youtube/ Michael Vandon

It’s kinda impressive, to be honest. Everytime you think “Okay, CNN cannot sink any lower”, they do it! It’s so far beyond fake news now it’s not even funny. Just yesterday CNN threatened a Reddit user to expose his identity if he didn’t apologize. What could be worse? Look what their CEO said right after…

Jeff Zucker said that CNN blackmailing a US citizen is proof that Donald Trump is bullying them!

You cannot even make this stuff up, folks. This man-child actually made a statement saying that the public backlash would NOT force them to change their ways.

The statement literally read,

“He’s trying to bully us, and we’re not going to let him intimidate us. You can’t lose your confidence and let that change the way you conduct yourselves.”


It’s no wonder that there are many calls to fire Jeff Zucker as the President of CNN. Under his leadership, CNN has lost all credibility with the public for showing political bias and reporting fake news regularly.

You would think Zucker would be walking on egg shells to fix his broken company, especially after AT&T reportedly demanded his “neutralization” if their merger with Time Warner (CNN’s Parent company) goes through.

Oh well, I guess it was this kind of leadership that got us here in the first place. “Art of War” writer Sun Tzu once said if the troops are poorly taught and managed, it is the Commander’s fault. Well, Jeff Zucker, time to own up to your mistakes…


  1. So let me get this straight, CNN has had an agenda to bully our new President since the presidential campaign began. They have lied, reported false news, committed unethical acts, broke the law, disrupted almost every press briefing, cried wolf and acted like children on a daily basis. They have destroyed the integrity of journalism, incited violence and refused to cover on any news that would harm their political agendas yet here they are claiming that President Trump is trying to intimidate them? All President Trump has to do is speak the truth. CNN has cut their own throats. They will never recover for the title of “Fake News”. It is a badge they wear with honor. We are laughing at you CNN. You represent the worst of society. You have no honor, you have zero integrity, you have zero credibility, you are not journalists, and every time you open your mouths to complain about our President you make fools of yourselves. You will never recover from this. You would think that people who believe they are that intelligent would be able to see the outcome of their efforts beforehand.

  2. Just goes to prove what I have been saying all along – it is past time to rein in the run away media. When lies are presented as truth then it is time to cease the lies and punish the liars, especially when the liars are news people who were taught to report the 5 w’s (back in the day). We were taught to not very from the truth, just report what can be proven. As time went on after the mid 60’s it became common that news was reported that was not necessarily the truth. Many of this came from the reporting during the Viet Nam war. Correspondents reported many things that were not true, It goe worse progressively after that, this according to a RETIRED REPORTER just the other day on another thread. TIME TO CHANGE THE AMENDMENT and cuff and stuff the violators, liars, and sordid people who comprise the media today. Mr. Zucker needs to be jailed to set an example. Then of course we need to clean up Washington and prosecute the politicians who deserve it, but that is a lot is it not?
    NO, WE the people demand it.


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