Right After FINALLY Starting Healthcare, McConnell did Something UNTHINKABLE

Source: Gage Skidmore

Well, shoot. It was looking like Republicans in Congress were finally getting their act together, then this happens. When I heard McCain was out for heart surgery, I didn’t think much of it. Apparently, Mitch McConnell felt differently…

Just literally days after announcing he was gonna suspend the Summer Recess until after they repealed ObamaCare, McConnell did a full 180 and announced the unthinkable:

Senator McConnell announced that they will DELAY the Obamacare vote until AFTER McCain heals.

Yep. So far, they have committed to at least one week delay. However, will that be long enough for 80-year-old McCain to recover from heart surgery?

According to what I read, McConnell thinks the Republicans cannot unite on healthcare without McCain’s vote.


Also, maybe they forgot, but while John McCain is enjoying his Senate healthcare plan, the rest of us are getting taken apart by ObamaCare’s crazy prices.

I just wanna know this: Why is it that we pay the MOST in taxes and even still our health care access sucks? They want more money? PLEASE!

I wish John McCain a speedy recovery and I hope some other Republican who actually does his job beats his a$$ silly in their next election because I am no big fan.

But seriously, McConnell, 2018 is coming up. Now is the time to put-up or shut up.


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