ROUND TWO: Donald Trump Just Fired Back AGAIN About Trump Jr…This is HUGE

Source: Youtube

Donald Trump may be a tough and hard-hitting President but that does NOT mean he is gonna sit idly by while the Mainstream media beats up on his kids.

The President struck back again tonight on Twitter when he made it VERY clear where he stands on the allegations of his son being a “traitor”. The tweet read:

My son, Donald, will be interviewed by tonight at 10:00 P.M. He is a great person who loves our country!


Hell yeah. He is right, too. Donald Jr has done nothing but positive things ever since his dad let him help out on the campaign trail. I think the conclusion here is simple…He is politically inexperienced.

Apparently, the people over at FOX were thinking the same thing. Here is a clip of their interview and the follow-up assessment.

Now that’s an interview I think every Conservative in America is gonna watch. Still, where was the media outrage when Hillary was smashing cell phones? What about when Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton in secret during the investigation?

I’m just saying, this outrage may be misplaced. If you believe in the Trumps, share this out and comment Amen.


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