SHE’S DONE: What Maxine Waters Just Said Will Get Her Run Out of Congress


Maxine Waters runs her mouth against our President every chance she gets…and she gets a lot of them!  The media just loves her, because she just hates Trump like they do!

MSNBC especially loves to air her rants, this time airing one on its program, “Deadline: White House.”

First, she lied by saying that Trump is “embarrassing all of us internationally.”  Really?  Is that why a majority of the French approved of Trump’s recent visit there?

But watch this witch-hunting rant yourself:


She was asked what if the investigation leads no where, with no evidence of wrong-doing by our President and she said:   “Well, if the special counsel comes back with that kind of determination and if this country wants to continue with this president who’s embarrassing all of us internationally, who does not understand the relationship with our allies and how important it is and who will continue to have this Kremlin clan surrounding him all looking toward Putin and the Kremlin clan wanting to, you know, make sure that we lift these sanctions — if they want to have that kind of leadership if they want to have that kind of president, then America can do that. But I think that that’s not going to happen.”

Now, that just pisses me off, doesn’t it you?  Yes, we want this President!  Who we don’t want is HER!   America elected Trump fair and square, no matter how badly the libs want to deny that!

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[H/T Breitbart]

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