With Three Beautiful Words, Trump Just Handed ALL American Workers The Most UNBELIEVABLE Gift


America First.

This has been President Trump’s goal from the beginning and it doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down. In fact, our Commander-In-Chief will be stepping up his administration’s efforts to bolster nationwide patriotism with a three-week campaign to celebrate American workers.

The “Made in America” theme is the first of the three-week campaign followed by an “American Heroes” week and ending with “American Dream.” One of President Trump’s biggest slogans during the 2016 presidential campaign was “America First” and he will be using this forward-thinking initiative to promote U.S. jobs and products.


“This week the Trump administration will honor the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America,” Helen Ferre, the White House director of media affairs, told reporters at a Sunday briefing at the White House. Ferre continued by stating the U.S. sets “the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.”

To prove this fact even further, the White House will host a product showcase to feature American-made products from each individual state. In an effort to praise continued progress, President Trump will also address the American people Wednesday to emphasize the importance of keeping jobs and factories stateside.

If these are the values and ideals that our President wants for his country, how could we NOT be excited for the future? Especially when President Trump continues to deliver on promises made last year on the campaign trail. He is undoubtedly a man of his word and he wants our beautiful country to thrive.

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