Trump Just Asked Neil Gorsuch For the BIGGEST Favor Yet…Dems are RAGING

Source: wikimedia commons

Y’all probably already heard all about the Hawaii judge who decided to go against Trump’s travel ban AFTER the Supreme Court said it’s illegal. Did you hear how the President handled it?

Well, good thing is the Supreme Court is VERY Conservative. So what does the President do? Oh, he just called up Gorsuch and the crew and asked them to REVERSE the Hawaii judge’s ruling.

The issue arises from Grandparents. The Supreme Court ruled that only ‘bona fide’ relationships could enter the US. Donald Trump specified that as siblings, parents, and children.

The judge in Hawaii, who blocked the travel ban once before, said that grandparents are NOT blocked by the ban. The real issue is the second they get away with this, the leftists will unblock everything.


Luckily President Trump also has Attorney General Sessions at his side, who had this to say,

The Supreme Court has had to correct this lower court once, and we will now reluctantly return directly to the Supreme Court to again vindicate the rule of law and the executive branch’s duty to protect the nation.”

It looks to me like the President has a good setup. Still, he can use everyone’s help. That’s why we gotta share this out everywhere and show the President we are on his side on this issue!


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