Trump Just Released A Video Of Him BODYSLAMMING CNN… Watch Before Deleted

Image Source: Twitter

Trump just did it. Hahahahaha. He has not let up his assault on the media. The 45th President just tweeted out a video of himself body-slamming the liberals. The video is a total hit job on the Fraudulent News Network – which he named it last week.

Here is the epic video below. He even dubbed CNN in the video.

The video has been a total hit. It’s incredible. It shows what Trump is really doing to the mainstream media. Here is what the video that Trump tweeted.


Share this everywhere if you are glad that Trump is beating the mainstream media. There has been nobody to hold them accountable so far.

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  1. This body thing happened a 100 years ago. Why are say Trump body slammed some one cnn, the person was Venice McMahon. Long before Trump became president. Let the world know this happen, but put in the proper contest. I was watching TV when happen. Not a 100 years ago lol. Much-love


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