Trump Just Said These 4 Words That Will Make All American Workers Cheer!


President Trump is Launching his Made in America Week today!  And he is reiterating the four words he said when he promised to Make America Great Again:


We all prefer to buy products that are made in this great country, by an American, don’t we?  And yet, it’s been so very hard to do that, these last many years, hasn’t it?  I mean, most of the products I’ve picked up for about as long as I can remember, are made somewhere else, usually China, right?

President Trump is focused on the American workforce and the American worker.  And isn’t it about time someone focused on us again?!


While the MSM screams about how low Trump’s approval rating is, they are trying to bury the fact that Americans are feeling pretty darn confident, finally, in our economy, under Trump!  And where they do report it, they try to take the credit from the President!

58% of those polled said they are feeling closer to reaching their career and financial hopes.    Did anyone feel that way under Obama?  Ever??  I don’t think so!

Our President is keeping his promises.  And improving the economy was his main goal and promise to America. And it’s one of the main reasons we elected him, isn’t it?

BUY AMERICAN!  HIRE AMERICAN!  That just makes me smile!   Let’s all go out and buy something made by an American today!




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