Minutes Ago Trump Shook Putin’s Hand, What Happened Next Is UNBELIEVABLE

Image Source: Youtube

Donald Trump said that he looked forward to meeting Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on Friday. Trump’s meeting with Putin is pivotal. Here is the amazing moment below. Watch the video what happens when they met down below.

Image Source: Youtube

Our President Trump used the double handed shake to bring Putin in. It really seems like they can get along right? Watch the video heard round the world below.

What interesting times in American politics. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker faced them and made a private check.

The gesture is more familiar-seeming than people would like. This is going to drive liberals more insane – like way, way, way over the coo-coo’s nest.

Image Source: Youtube

According to Daily Mail, the two men have never met. Trump is trying to get a rapport with Putin, says a White House aid. They are trying to avoid a new Cold War.

“I look forward to all meetings today with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Putin. Much to discuss,” Trump wrote.

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God bless him.


  1. This is a good omen, great start and it is making the market go higher today. Thanks Trump, you are our President and Hero. The dumb Schumer et.al. should remember history when our President Roosevelt sat down and shook hand with Stalin a more dangerous man and dealt with him and gave him AID and our friend during the Second World War for the duration, Democrats have no long term vision they are like a frog in a pond.

  2. If by some chance that we could work together would be great,we could do a lot more with working together than against each other

  3. Paris, you are a great writer! I would prefer that you leave the sensationalism out of your posts, and stop comparing President Trump with Obama! Trump is doing an awesome job! We are greatful to hear about his accomplishments, however, they don’t need to be hyped up with comparisons. Trump’s deeds hold their own praise!
    Thank you for keeping Facebook viewers informed!

  4. What may I ask is wrong with President Trump trying to build rapport with Putin and ttrying top a new Cold War? Stop the hating!

  5. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. 10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.…Matt 5.9 Be Advised Satanists your Time is Over.

  6. liberals are already way way way over the cookoo’s nest. what were they supposed to do? spit at each other. give me a break.

  7. For CNN and the rest of the MSM that hand shake will be more than enough proof that Russia interferred with the election.

  8. There have been some contentious incidents concerning Syria and now they both need to work on N. Korea also. Best to be congenial at the first face to face meeting to create a better negotiating footing. I applaud both men for being more civilized than many leaders today.

  9. I simply love this. So glad they finally met. Now maybe we can have an Allie in Russia. Diplomacy goes a long way. The only thing to FEAR is FEAR itself.

  10. I LOVE OUR President….and first Lady…what a JOY and PEACEFUL feeling to have them representing Our Country instead of the POS Fraud we had for 8 horrific years….NOW if we can just get RID of the FAKE FRAUD News we will be good…

  11. Great, someone who puts OUR country first and political correctness somewhere else, thanks for your honesty .

  12. I believe the only issues we have with Putin were driven by Democrats. And Blown completely out of proportion by Democrats.

  13. I hope the two get along like a house on fire. The Russia people are hard working and patriotic. We need these super powers as friends.

  14. Trump & Putin have the power to form a New World Alliance that will keep the peace and lead to a chance for EVERYONE to live The American Dream, where ever they live.

  15. Way to go TRUMP we need to have a good relationship with Russia, We can have a need to understand who the USA can trust in the world and who we can’t. Hope all goes well in Russia.

  16. I hope Trump never turns his back on Putin. That would be a good way to get a knife in his back! Putin doesn’t like Israel much remember?

  17. It’s better to make friends and develop understandings, than animosity and hostility. This is the best way to solve world problems than to exchange threats of a nuclear war in heated contradicting policies!

  18. Honestly much more will be accomplished in mutual respect. Says nothing at all about agreement; what the Dems and a whole lot of Republicans don’t understand is that respect can be paramount without agreement. G-20 leaders haven’t had an American to respect in about a decade.

  19. Well, apparently they’ve achieved a ceasefire with Israel and Jordan, that makes an encouraging foursome ! If the leaders get on personally with a common goal, then there is hope, so Trump critics should lay off the man, for Gods sake the snowflakes have not let up on our Donald for around 18 months. Time to back him, not take him down in perpetual denigration ! GO ! Trump

  20. Another wonderful story to tell about OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP! Thank you, maybe this will be a beginning that no one saw coming. Both TRUMP & Putin are powerful men. They also have Hillary & Obama in common . Both got screwed by them. Enemies have in the past stood together for the good of the people & common cause.

  21. Am SO EXCITED ABOUT President Trumps Meeting With President Putin . . I believe They hold Mutual Respect for each other and can Possibly become Good Friends . . . What a POSITIVE It Would Be If Russia and The United States became Ally’s !! WOW . . The Two Largest and Most Powerful Countries in The World !! I had Hoped they could get together for a personal Dinner away from The Others , except for interpreters, and Really get to know each other better on a personal level and would love if Melania had joined them. She speaks Russian . . . Perhaps President Trump will Visit Russia and President Putin will visit Washington or Mara Lago to strengthen the relationship. They should play Golf Together . . Your Article was beautifully and honestly written Mr. Swade . . . Thank You

  22. We have a great President now if he could get Linus Obama to stop following him around……. Get lost liberals. You are not welcome in office anymore.


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