UNBELIEVABLE: Rex Tillerson Just Revealed the STUNNING Thing Trump Did During Putin Meeting

Source: SecDef/ White House

Rex Tillerson has seen a lot in his life, so you know it’s something big when he says he was STUNNED by something Trump did during his 2-hour meeting with Vladimir Putin.

According to Tillerson, the way Donald Trump brazenly approached Putin on the issue of election interference was beyond what anyone could have expected. The story goes:

Donald Trump walked in, said hello, looked Putin in the eyes and said, “I’m going to get this out of the way: Did you do this?”

No BS, no formalities. Straight to business, exactly what we wanted from Donald Trump when we made him President in the first place. It’s a classic tactic to try and catch liars off guard.

As we all know, Putin denied any involvement, explained his position, got into a heated argument, and eventually agreed to work together on Syria.

Now sure, there were no cameras in the room. We will have to take Secretary of State Tillerson, a man respected for his hard work and honesty, at his word.

So yes, Trump did ask Putin very frankly about the election interference. He did is part and came out with a big win for the United States. Help share this and set the record straight.


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