VINDICATED: Reebok Just Got Shamed Badly For This Ridiculous Ad Attacking Trump


As you probably heard, President Trump, while in France last week, complimented the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron…and got blasted by the media.

Specifically, he turned to  Bridgette Macron and commented that she  “is in such good physical shape,” and that she’s “beautiful.”  In case you missed it:

Now, I’ll admit, when I saw that I was a bit taken aback.  It seemed a bit awkward.  But he was with this wife, and her husband, and he seemed to want to just give a compliment to the French First Lady.


Athletic company, Reebok, however, decided to stick its foot (pardon the pun) in its mouth, when it tweeted this:

And while Trump’s compliment may have been awkward, many people came to Trump’s defense, to point out what hypocrites Reebok are!

Here’s my favorite:

Although this one is great, too:

It look like Reebok was trying to get attention by pointing out what libs believe is Trump’s misogyny. I think they got attention alright!  I’d say, before they point fingers, they need to take a good LOOONNNNGGG  look in the mirror, don’t you think?

Please SHARE this everywhere, if you think Reebok owes Trump an apology!  And also, we can all vote on this ad with our dollars!

[H/T:  The Daily Caller]

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