Al Gore Just FLIPPED and Admitted Something About Trump That No One Saw Coming

Image Source: ABC News

Al Gore just admitted something massive today that nobody is talking about. According to BBC 4’s “Radio Today,” Al Gore admitted on live TV that he thinks that President Trump “inherited” the North Korea issue.

“Donald Trump inherited a very dangerous situation that has been building for some time,” Gore said.

According to the Washington Examiner, Al Gore thinks that Trump should be praised for the way he has handled the tensions between the United States and North Korea. He says President Trump did an amazing job imposing new sanctions on North Korea through the UN Security Council.

The sanctions will cut North Korean exports by $1 billion – which is one-third of the country’s annual exports.

This is rich coming from the guy that let the situation get to the point that it is now. Why didn’t him and Bill Clinton work harder at disarming North Korea in the 1990’s?


It came out via Fox News this week that Obama officials tried to squash disclosures that North Korea had the ability to make nuclear weapons small enough to be launched on a ballistic missile.

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Liberals have been taunting our President. Which side are they on again? They must be on the side of the North Koreans.

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