Black Trump Supporter SUCKER PUNCHED By Liberal… See The Video The Media Won’t Air


I showed up in Orange County and got punched in the face by ANTIFA. My name is RC Maxwell and I am a victim of leftist violence. The media won’t show me because it will detract from their narrative. Watch the violent video sweeping the nation and read my story below.

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Back to the story: Within an hour arriving on the scene, I felt the hatred from the so called “peaceful” counter protesters. I walked around with copy, of Dangerous and had my name tag ripped off after getting pushed off the bench I took this selfie with religious leaders in attendance.

Me at Laguna

I knew that leftist groups were inspired to ramp up their violent attacks against Trump supporters after the mess that was Unite The Right in Charlottesville. What I didn’t expect was that I would become Antifa’s target so quickly. The America First Vigil that I attended, was about bringing awareness to victims of illegal immigration. It was no different than other events in Orange County organized by Jonny Benitez except this time instead of a peaceful gathering of pro-America southern Californians it was absolute mayhem. Benitez, a right-wing grassroots organizer in the area warned me of security concerns heading into the event but as one threat I received on twitter in advance of the event signaled: “Your stunts won’t fly in Laguna”.

Before I explain exactly what these “stunts” are it’s important to know that the mainstream media shares the blame for attacks on conservative pundits like Baked Alaska, Laura Loomer and myself. The left’s playbook in the aftermath of Charlottesville has been to depict right-wingers as xenophobic.

I was in attendance in Laguna ready to speak out against open borders and the consequence was a beating at the hands of the resistance crowd popularized by anti-Trump sentiment. My “stunt” is reasoning, my “tricks” are persuasion. In 2017, fact and reasoning is a justification of violence especially when it looks as good as I did in Laguna Beach.

I knew things would get worse from there and the fact that I was dressed for one of my GOP events and not for a socialist rebellion was even more concerning. I couldn’t back down. After all I skipped making an appearance to troll protestors at UTR with Baked Alaska to sponsor an event organized by Maxine Water’s strongest challenger (Edwin Duterte) and I was feeling like quite the cuck watching Baked Alaska lay his life out on the line for American values while I posed for photo ops with cougars on the coast.

I took a punch for Trump in Laguna Beach. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to expose to the nation how violent leftist agitators are.


  1. Part of the problem is the left knows we don’t act this way so they take advantage of it, hence the sucker punch from a momma’s boy. I do not condone violence but sometimes it is necessary to send a message that we are not going to take this crap. Most of them are cowards anyway and would not be there at all without their confused buds backing them up.


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