CARNAGE: Hannity Just Ripped Apart Mitch McConnell In This Rant going VIRAL


Who out there is sick and tired of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell?  He continuously disrespects our President, the man We, the People, elected to lead our great country.

Well, we aren’t the only ones.  Sean Hannity has proven his loyalty to President Trump time and again.  See how he’s continuously shown his loyalty:

Tuesday, Hannity exhibited his full support again.  He had just said he intended to stop all “petty political disagreements” for 12 hours due to the seriousness of the North Korea situation.  He invited others to do the same.


He wasn’t able to make it the full 12 hours, though.  And who can blame him? According to ABC News, McConnell had just said it was “extremely irritating” that Congress has the reputation of not accomplishing anything.


Seriously, ya’ll?  So Hannity blew his cool, tweeting:

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself!  The gall of Senator McConnell, blaming President Trump for Congress’ failures.  It’s really pretty disgusting.  He actually whined that Trump had “excessive expectations” for Congress.

What?  How dare anyone expect that they actually get something done?!  Wow.  Just…Wow.

If you agree with Hannity and think that it’s time for McConnell, and others like him, need to go, comment “vote them out” and SHARE!

[H/T The Hill]

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