Every Biker Has Heard Trump’s NEW Call! Look Which City They Are Heading To Now

Image Source: The Marshall Report

President Trump is holding a rally in Pheonix on Tuesday, and leftist groups are already trying to cause trouble. Fourteen groups are going to protest the rally, and have urged others to book free tickets to attend so that the arena seats are empty.

But, Washington Times reports, those protestors didn’t count on one thing- bikers. Bikers for Trump’s Arizona Cobra Chapter put out a call to action to its members, saying:

“Donald Trump is coming to the Phoenix Convention Center to hold a rally. There have been plans for Charlottesville sympathizers to protest. We need our bikers to show up and keep people safe.”


“They are supposed to start at 6:00. We think we need to be there by at least 4:00. That is when the doors open. If there are people outside waiting to get in, we don’t want anyone to harass them. Protesters have a right to protest, but they don’t have a right to threaten or intimidate. That is why we need to be there.”

The groups that plan on protesting the convention center include: the Democratic Socialists of Phoenix, Arizona Resist, Desert Progressives, Students for a Democratic Society, Puente Arizona, and Cosplayers Against Hate.

These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors. And before the leftists start crying white supremacy, here’s a video of the group condemning hate!

I’d feel pretty good going to the rally knowing these guys were on my side!


(h/t The Washington Times)


  1. So sick of what the left is doing. I am serious about somehow trying to make 2 countries. The left can have the East Coast and the Conservative/Libertarians can have the West Coast. They them destroy themselves and their own country. We do not want to go down with them.

  2. I would have been there to show my support for our President but have had a long-standing vacation planned. Thank hitchhikers for Being there to keep the peace against these thugs

  3. Quote: “These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense” End quote.
    SOMEBODY needs to fix that statement!!!!

  4. Sounded real composed and well spoken, and it also sounds like there is a bunch of rather intelligent people.
    I feel better knowing that they will be there to help keep order……
    It definitely sounds like we are NOT going to have another Charlotteville………..
    Bless you ALL…

  5. There’s a TYPO that changes the meaning of the following to something I know you didn’t mean:
    “These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors.”

    I’m sure you accidentally put that “not” in there, and really meant to say:
    “These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors.”

  6. I hope there is no violence. But if there is, I hope the bikers take NO prisoners. These are not regular citizens protesting President Trump. These are paid rioters and anti-Americans. They need to be made to disappear. You interpret the meaning.

  7. The lefties have to go and get their diapers changed. This is going t keep themnice and quiet and peaceful as they are not going to start anything.

  8. I’m so thankful that those who are able are out there standing up for what is right and the visible support of our President!!! Please don’t ever give up the fight for saving America against those far leftist people who want to transform our country. Those of us that can’t be out there with you will fight them with prayers for you and our President!!! Again thank you! We all have to keep fighting to save our country

  9. Awsome!!! Thank you bikers for helping to protect our citizens and our President. It’s truly a sad day in America that people can’t assemble peacefully without trouble makers like BLM and Antifa showing up to riot – they don’t protest they riot and attack people with clubs, tear gas, and cans filled with cement like they did in Charlottesville. God bless our bikers.

  10. Remember when the leftist thugs were supposed to shut down the RNC convention? Remember how they scattered like rats when the bikers showed up?

    Hopefully we have a sequel coming.

  11. may God always bless and protect our biker guys that stand up to protect our president and stand for peace and not vilolence at every turn…..gotta love our biker guys…….they really do stand for good…..

  12. When elected officials fail to protect citizens from harm then they have a right to protect themselves in whatever manner they deem appropriate. These officials s/b removed from office asap. Therefore, the Governor of Virgina and the Mayor of Charlottesville Virgina s/b removed from office asap.

  13. For so many years the law enforcement ,Deputies,police officers…. used to give bikers a hard time….. but now they need our help…. because we don’t answer to some pencil necked geek in office who calls for police to stand down…… police deserve to be respected…. they enforce the laws of the land….. Antifa and BLM, Occupy, Trump disrupters and many others are lawless groups of domestic terrorists

  14. I am not an former English teacher, and not a “grammar nazi”, but when I see errors in spelling, I wonder about the whole article…I love what this group is doing and think this is a great article, but there are a couple of errors to correct. First paragraph-Phoenix not Pheonix. Last paragraph-“These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense”…I think you want to leave out the word “not” as they WILL be a great line of defense.

  15. Criminal Damages. Jail them fine them restitition for repairs.they are terrorist ..Treat them as such….national guards arrest haul them to FEMA . If they are on Welfare .. STOP it.

  16. I was thinking about this a few days ago, and thank you bikers for doing this. I don’t ride anymore, but I would be right with you all, hugs.

  17. Its a shame it takes something like this to protect our POTUS just to give a speech. Glad that they are there. Can’t wait to see h ow it goes.

  18. GOD will be there for protection also. H E is our great leader& president trump is listening to HIM. Pray the satanism will be defeated. Make America safe& great again with GOD’s help

  19. If you don’t want people harassed at this event, then you need to be there long before 4:00 when the doors open. You need to be there very early when the line starts forming. You can bet the protestors i.e., paid by George Soros morons, will be there very, very early.

  20. Let them book tickets. There are always many many supporters that do not get in because there are no seats that will now. God Bless our bikers and supporters

  21. Excellent! Hurrah for the bikers of America! PS: Stewart, the bikers have been dressing and riding the Harleys, etc. for a long time. This is not a ‘reaction’, it is an action.

  22. do you read what you write

    These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors. And before the leftists start crying white supremacy, here’s a video of the group condemning hate!

  23. “These bikers are TOUGH, and they’re not going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors.”

    Don’t you mean, “These bikers are TOUGH, and they ARE going to be a great line of defense against the creepy and dangerous “alt-left” protestors?

  24. Love the bikers and there call to arms to keep peace, at the Rally in Phoenix. There will be no repeat performance like the one in Charlottesville , preparing from the start to cause violence. This has got to stop and allow people to assemble peacefully , without fear of being preyed upon. The people who do this have no decency and respect for others. We can all agree to disagree but this hatred and corruption must be eliminated. Others use this agenda to sent out there thugs to cause trouble to further there keeping people, from expressing there opinions. I wish everyone would stop and realize this sort of behavior serves no purpose.

  25. We are for Our President Trump , and nothing going to change our minds. We had the worst nightmare of a leader that was obama ! And never again , now we have a real President that’s for the people not going to take any crap

  26. I’m with the Bikers…Hopefully everything will be peaceable….God bless our President and God Bless us as we Make America Great again, together.
    The haters will be defeated by our Love of Country and Love of Our America!

  27. So, the sitting President is calling in his “biker gangs” , perhaps, White Supremacists, to defend against American citizens. You see the “alt-right” named themselves as a coalition of the KKK, Nazi’s and White Supremacists and then has tried to spin an American or American group as “alt-left”. So the bikers are tough? Does that make the “thugs”?

  28. Hope they kick the ass of Antifa and Black Lives Matter if they have the balls to show up. It is time the good guys drew a line in the sand and deal with those who cross it.

  29. Prepare for Civil War. DNC (Devils New Coalition), Liberal Left and it’s armed group ANTIFA is calling Civil War for not respecting and accepting the election 2016 results. They are causing chaos, destruction we have not seen before. They want to suppress Free Speech by any means necessary. Both sides can not co-exist because of lack of respect, so one group must go to have lasting peace.

  30. Go Bikers for Trump,these protesters are so wrong and their the hate groups, Trump is trying to stay America and these creeps that follow hillary,obama and liberals are so stupid they fall for evil

  31. Bikers for Trump, I also would love these guys having my back, people need to realize the severity of what is going on around them.

  32. The bikers represent the honest American and not a professional riot instigators.,
    Thank you loyal and expressive bikers for Trump and Americans,


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