Game Over: Jeff Sessions Calls For Crackdown On Marijuana Legalization


For Jeff Sessions, marijuana is certainly “not something to laugh about.”

The Attorney General is about as anti-pot as humanly possible. In June, he came before Congress, asking his peers to undo the federal medical-marijuana protections established by the end of 2014. As of today, those regulations have yet to change.

However, Sessions wrote letters to four governors in the past week, stating that he had “serious concerns” legalizing weed. He later claimed that the drug is “only slightly less awful” than heroin, a drug that is currently the leading cause of overdose in America.

Sessions went on to say that more than half of the medical marijuana grown in the United State is procured in the black market, something that only showcases the integrity of those who work in the legalization business. While twenty-nine states have decriminalized/legalized the drug, Sessions firmly believes “that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Do you think he is right? What should the Attorney General do next? Let us know!


  1. Sessions is very likely very corrupt and/or a coward. Weed legalization crackdown in non-sense.
    Indictment of the Clintons and Obama and their criminal mobs with probably thousands of felonies for corruption, mishandling of classified information, perjury, obstruction of justice etc are not nonsense but crimes that attack democracy, the justice system, the standard of equal justice and the rule of law, and our security.

    So far, there are no difference between the Sessions DOJ, which denies any attempt at justice for the likes of the Clintons and Obama and their criminal mobs and that of Holder and Lynch.

    Sessions is a disgrace to his office and to this country.

  2. My mother was very much against pot until she was dying of cancer and chemo at 79. She said it was better pain relief than any thing the Doctors prescribed. She could still function and think, which she could not do on prescribed medicine.

  3. The Elite know it has medicinal worth, and anyone who has used it recreationally & responsibly know it is harmless. They dont want to lose billions in the pharmaceutical industrial complex, and they can’t figure out how to get their paws on the money and inhibit all the innovation that could be developed with the legalizing of this plant.

  4. Sessions should read recent studies on medical MJ. He is a man of my age still basing decisions on regurgitated information from the Nixon era when they classified MJ as a harsh drug like heroin. Any MJ user knows heroin is a very bad drug and would not come close to using it. I know many good people who smoke MJ and it’s very helpful to them. Not so much for the “high” but for the benefit it gives them healthwise. Doctors who are using MJ to treat patients are increasing rapidly. Most politicians who are against more legalization of M.J. are in the back pockets of pharmaceutical companies. They don’t want to help people, the whole system in place is to make them rich, living out the biblical verse of “Lust for money is the root of all evil”.
    Marijuana is a plant with amazing qualities that by opening up research which was halted when it was classified with heroin.We need scientists to research marijuana – but they can’t because the DEA calls it a Schedule I drug. The DEA needs to name it a Schedule II drug so research can begin. By opening up and legalizing MJ that action alone would do away with most everything Sessions has conjured up in his mind.
    My wife has a very rare disease and every medicine known to man does not help with the symptoms. In researching for over twelve years for help in the approved medicines which are in many cases very harmful but “legal” it has been her decision to stay away from them and research other solutions as in herbs. Medical MJ researchers we are finding out far ahead of the pharmaceuticals in “real” help for her disease and even down to the old folks who need relaxers etc.
    President Trump needs to understand that I for one oppose Sessions for his uninformed decisions on MJ and I know there will be thousands more who will. MJ usage should be left up to the states and many of them are now legalizing its usage. The Feds need to chase down the heroin producers and other real hard drugs traffickers that have leaked the pharmaceuticals to the streets. That’s where the real drug problems lie.


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