The President Just Did Something Incredible For Our Troops And The Media Is COVERING It Up


This week President Trump celebrated the United States military in a huge way.

On Monday, the President tweeted a personal message to U.S. troops, thanking “all the brave men and women” who have devoted their lives to serving the American people.

Before he became President, Trump joked about how badly he had always wanted a Purple Heart… though few know that he was actually gifted one in Ashburn, Virginia (from a former lieutenant colonel and current Trump supporter).


The President has certainly never been one for holding back his appreciation for our armed forces, but he stepped up his game on the 235th anniversary of the Purple Heart. The medal is given to those who are killed or wounded in battle.

Do you support American troops? What do you think President Trump should do next regarding our armed forces? Let us know!

The media needs to cover more stuff like this from our President. Share this if you agree.


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