Rex Tillerson Just PISSED OFF Every Elite in Washington By Taking Apart What Obama Made


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been doing some serious shaking up of the status quo in Washington.

He is hard at work getting rid of waste in the State Department, and many of the career politicians and bureaucrats aren’t happy about it.

The State Department has “special envoys,” many of which are out of date and/or obsolete. And these wasteful positions multiplied while Obama was POTUS.  Imagine!

For example, there’s still a special envoy for the Six-Party talks.  They were talks to try to convince North Korea to give up their nukes.  And there have been no such talks  in nearly a decade.

Then there’s the “special envoy for conflict diamonds.” What?  And the “personal representative for Northern Ireland issues.”  Huh?

(Courtesy of United News International, via Youtube)

Well, Tillerson is getting rid of many of these wasteful, obsolete positions, and folding the functions of others into other positions.   He told Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, that  the reforms will  save money and streamline operations, among other things.

I’m so relieved and happy to see Trump and his administration making real change in Washington, DC.  It’s been going along for far too long in a status quo that is wasteful and corrupt.  If you agree, please Share this out and comment “Way to Go, Rex!”

[H/T The Hill]


  1. Great work, Rex. Thought this would never happen. Saving our government a huge amount of money. Anyideawhattese peoplewere doing for a decade instead of talking with Nirth Korea?

  2. Yeah ….. Robert Mueller was one of those “Special Envoys” for Sec. of State Clinton to hand-deliver Uranium 1 Documents to Putin …… REMEMBER ?

  3. It’s time that all of the waist in Obama administration is found out and closed. We now have two enemies out there and in the 8 years Obama did nothing,North Korea and Irans are now more of a threat then they were,when Obama took office. Obama was by far the worst and weakest President ever to serve.

  4. You go Tillerson and don’t stop cleaning out the slippery, skanky, smelling rotten corrupt swamp in Washington! Thank you for your service and helping President Trump to fulfill his agenda!

  5. If America doesn’t turn back to God we are headed for destruction! We have pushed Him out of our lives and we’re reaping the consequences. We’ve lost his hand of protection on our nation!

  6. Dang!! Could this be the reason the Dems/Alt Left and RHINOs are trying to destroy Trump??? Could it be that all these folks “gravy train” is leaving the station?? WELL DUH!!

  7. Deleting vacant positions won’t save any money. Actually, the paperwork abolishing them will cost money. Good move Rex.

  8. Way to go Rex , keep getting rid of all who worked for Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary , everyone on her staff , everyone involved with her . Also every Obama Appointee to Ambassador to various countries around the World gone , new Ambassadors assigned , but this time these people need to be qualified , can speak the language , know the people and will want to represent the American People because we are the ones sending them , giving the Job to Rex to make the best decision.

  9. Way to go Rex ! You are the best thing to happen to America since the Stars & Stripes. Keep cleaning out the State Dept and get rid of the Dumbocrats !

  10. Way to go Trx! It’s about time someone came into office and started weeding out anything that is unnecessary. hurray that it’s finally happening!!

  11. Get rid of the slime that thinks he’s a President. That man is a waste of taxpayers money. We’ve all seen the First Lady’s tits but we haven’t seen their taxes.

  12. NOW tell me Soros & Obama were not planning on a Socialist/Communist style Government. That is exactly how it starts. Create menial jobs, flood the departments with unqualified personnel, start a health plan that will be replaced with Communist style insurance, get this; if you own more than one house, you lose the other ones. I got this information from some Russians, Ukranians and Lithuanians i worked with. They came here by Boat. They settled in the north east. They worked in a steel mill.

  13. Show Sesson’s how it’s done. And help him get rid of investigation’s that have been wasting our money. And investigate all the Clinton e-mail’s .

  14. years ago I heard about one government official who was assigned to one of these so called functional positions…..bottom line was that the guy went through all the vetting and was given his position and classification….and was told to await his assignments in the mail…so the dude goes home….anyway for 10 years the guy never heard from anyone…yet he was getting a full salary and benefits….and so he got a part time job while waiting…and then started his own business. the only was he was found out was because of some audit by the republicans….the results where that he retired from the government with full benefits and continued to receive a retirement pension…because the government did not want any legal action or let the news know about it….true story.


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