Right After Doing Something SICK To Barron, This “Comedian” Did Something EVEN WORSE

Source: Youtube, Inside Edition

Looks like actions don’t have consequences! “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich is apparently back on the job after being suspended in January for saying on Twitter that “Barron [Trump] will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Critics from both sides of the aisle condemned the tweet, which she later deleted. Rich also issued an apology several days later:

Some Twitter users did not think the apology was good enough:



Others called for her firing:


Rich was initially indefinitely suspended for her insensitive Tweet, but she had writing credit’s for Thursday night’s “Weekend Update: Summer Edition.” Whether or not she will continue to write for SNL is unknown.

Y’all, this lady said Barron Trump, and 11-year old child, would kill his own family. How messed up is that? But I guess when you’re a liberal in media, you’ll always have a job.

(h/t Fox News)



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