Right As Trump Landed In Phoenix, He Walked Up To Marines And Did The UNBELIEVABLE

Image Source: Twitter

President Trump loves the American armed forces. The Commander-in-Chief has taken time out of his packed schedule in Arizona to meet with US Marines in Yuma. He is such an awesome President. He always, always makes it a point to meet with our troops and show appreciation. Here’s the video below by ABC News.

We're at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma as Pres. Donald J. Trump greets Marines ahead of a planned campaign rally in Phoenix, where he's expected to be greeted by large protests. http://abcn.ws/2w1e95P

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

President was greeted with tons of cheers ahead of the Phoenix rally. You will not see that video on CNN.

Today, ABC News reported that Trump had a scheduled visit in the Marine Corps base beside the Arizona- Mexico border.

This Trump’s first rally in Phoenix. that he is about to have in the West. It’s going to be a big deal. He’s gonna announce giving this country a better deal.

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You can see it on those troop’s faces. This country is coming back stronger than ever. God bless our troops.

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  1. Our President has done a great job despite the evil democrats. They are going to see what happens to then in 2018 and they are really not going to like it. He has made a great improvement in our economy already. The demon’s have tried to throw up road blocks at ever breath he takes.

  2. Thank YOU, Sir for Showing America YOUR Pride in OUR Men and Women SERVING America and HOW Important the SUPPORT of Their Families is to OUR Nations Security Missions…TY, Again. Mr.President…

  3. If given a chance our President Trump will transform this Nation into a place where all can enjoy Freedom. He has had to fight every inch of the way under such opposition, yet he never wavered. The truth is finally coming to the surface of how our Government was infested with Evil and Scheming , good for nothings, The News Media spread there lies and spoon fed people with fake news to keep them diverted from the truth. The Jig is up and America has woke up to what has been going on. Like an army of Ants , we were fighting one by one but now together , we can and will win. We are blessed with our Magnificent President Trump , who tells it like it is and does not beat around the bush. We must get rid of the filibuster, to even up our chances of getting things accomplished. God Bless those who have seen the light and will fight with us, to making America Great Again.

    • Well President Ronald Reagan was a much more awesome President and had it not been for President Reagan, our military wouldn’t have this little thing called “Star Wars”. Americans laughed at him for this, but it is an awesome program that works well. if you don’t know anything of this, then you need to do some research on it and find out just how awesome of a program it truly is. i’m not being disrespectful, it is just the facts.

      • And if you remember Ronald Reagan was treated similarly to how Trump is being treated.. those of little faith, those who doubted his every move and questioned his ability to run this country, and he proved everyone wrong. If given the chance I believe President Trump will make the same great strides that Ronald Reagan made. The difference is he wasn’t criticized by the media repeatedly over his tenure in office. President Trump can’t get anything accomplished because he’s being stabbed in the back at every turn. If people would get the hell out of his way I believe he could make great strides to benefit everyone.

  4. President Trump is and has been the biggest shot in the arm for our armed forces because he gives the respect he gives. fortunately for America, we finally have a President that again loves America and the American people. while the last administration spent the biggest part of the years tearing down our military and country, this President is intent on building our country back up and to be once again respected and feared as the country we use to be before the last couple of democratic administrations tore our country apart.


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