Right After Trump Urged Unity In Charlottesville, Sick-o KKK Leader David Duke Did Something DISGUSTING

Source: Youtube, Fox News, White House

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke just blasted President Trump, saying he feels “attacked” by the president.

Violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia today at the “Unite the Right” event. The event attracted unsavory elements such as white supremacists and neo-nazis, who clashed with counter protestors.

President Trump condemned the violence in no uncertain terms and urged unity between all Americans:

This message apparently incensed former Grand Wizard Duke, however, who put the president on blast:

This guy is sick. President Trump NEVER stood for white nationalism. President Trump has repeatedly said he would be president to ALL Americans. And that’s exactly what he’s doing right now in his quest for unity.

The left is always saying that Trump supporters are white nationalist nazis, which real supporters of the president know is not true. It’s a great sign that David Duke is turning on President Trump. The president doesn’t need this whack-o KKK guy to give him support- he’s got millions of normal, hard working Americans who just want a better deal then the current political establishment has been giving them.

The MSM will continue to call President Trump and his supporters all manner of vile things, however, and totally ignore that the white nationalist David Duke is criticizing the president. That’s why we’re asking YOU to SHARE this 5 million times to get around them!

We need to get this one out there- President Trump is NOT racist, and neither are his supporters! That’s why we’re asking YOU to SHARE this 5 million times!

(h/t the hill)


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