Seconds Ago Trump Looked Into The Camera And THANKED Putin For What He Did For Us

Image Source: CNN

President Trump just thanked Vladimir Putin on Thursday for something incredible. OMG. You got to love our President. He is a straight killer.

Trump thanked Putin for cutting the US’s diplomatic staff by 755 people. It’s his first public comment on the issue and it’s going to drive liberals nuts. That’s why we need to get this video in front of all of them.

Here is his full statement:


“I want to thank him because we’re trying to cut down our payroll and as far as I’m concerned I’m very thankful that he let go of a large number of people because now we have a smaller payroll,” Trump told reporters at his Bedminster, N.J. golf club.

“There’s no real reason for them to go back. I greatly appreciate the fact that we’ve been able to cut our payroll of the United States,” he continued. “We’re going to save a lot of money.”

The media is nothing but a bunch of chicken heads. They have been cluck, cluck, clucking about the Russia scandal. Share this if you voted for Trump and are going to not listen to the media when we go vote the swamp out in 2018.

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