HULK SMASH: Trump Just Gave Lou Ferrigno the BEST Job of His Entire Life

Source: G Skidmore/ Wikimedia

Forget about starring in the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno was just given the BEST job imaginable from President Donald Trump.

According to a brand new interview with Daily Mail, Ferrigno has landed himself a job that puts his old career to shame…

The Hulk will be the new head of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition!

Ferrigno told the Daily Mail in his interview,

“I am an appointee and I want to be the Head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Nutrition.


“I have been corresponding with President Trump because I want to change America and make America healthy again. I am a top choice for them. I feel I am the best candidate for that. 

“Nobody can surpass what I do, especially the life I have lived, what I have overcome and my passion with bodybuilding and fitness.”

Ferrigno is more than just a celebrity from the 70s, too. He actually was a well-respected nutritionist and fitness coach before landing his breakaway role as the Hulk. That’s what makes him such a good pick.

Of course, his connection with Trump is actually from his time on the Celebrity Apprentice. Ever since then he has been a big Donald Trump supporter even despite the Hollywood haters.

So let’s do our part now and share this and get Lou Ferrigno the job he deserves.



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