After Trump Aimed His Best Weapon At Them, Ryan and McConnell Knew They Are DOOMED


Once again, Trump is winning!

We recently reported about how Trump had led the RNC to raise $75 million in the first 6 months of 2017.  But it’s getting even better.

The RNC just set another fundraising record:  it just raised the most money EVER in a non-presidential election year!  That’s pretty darn impressive.  That amount is $13.4 million just in the month of June.

Watch this, you’re gonna LOVE it:

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RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel gives the credit to the American people, for their generous support.  Its fundraising success is due to smaller contributions of $200 or less.  What does that tell you?  That the Patriots that elected Trump are still excited about him.  They are so excited, they want to support him with their hard earned money.

The GOP now controls all three main branches of government, and with the amount of money the RNC has managed to raise, that could continue for a very long time.

Of course, we want Republicans in Washington who can and will get things done.  We are tired of people like Mitch McConnell, who whined that Trump’s expectations for Congress were excessive.  We are tired of people like Paul Ryan, who is a traitor to Trump.

We want the swamp drained!

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      • Well, here’s a big problem. McConnell controls the budget of the RNC. And as it showed in the Alabama special election he used something like $10 million to promote Luther Strange (a rino) and funded despicable attach ads against his opponents. Now we’ll have a smiliar situation in AZ, as I’m sure McConnell will fund a large portion of the budget to promote Flake over Judge Roy Moore.

  1. How much money does Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have invested in health care? So by slow walking standards you keep making money off American citizens while we can live pay check to pay check. Hopefully this changes in 2018. Also what needs to change is the way Congress get paid, their benefit structure, and their vacation time! Congress is paid very well for what is not getting done. We elected President Trump, not the establishment because we want things done! Not only did Obama lie to us, “you can keep your doctor”, Congress also lied to us “replace and repeal Obamacare.” American people are suffering, and Congress is on vacation. That tells us what their priorities are! Americans are tired of being lied too and we want changes!

    • Primaries will be the time to replace those not willing to work with the President . If there not willing to grab a mop to help clean the swamp they are the swamp !

  2. I pray that both Ryan and McConnell will be replaced by constitutionalists. Both have become millstones around the neck of our nation.

  3. You have to love the way Democrats talk. They spout about how the Republicans and Trump are losing as though it were a foregone conclusion and then have to admit the fund raising is not going so good. Everyone is supposed to hate Trump but the polls only show that people want change and the Democrats are obstructing that change if it would appear to benefit Trump or the Republicans in some way,regardless of what it would do for the country. They are willing to suggest they need to support the changes being promoted by the Republicans but only as changes proffered by their party. They can’t they see the people are afraid of a future of the status quo. People want safety, stability, and a sense that Law and Order are still working. The Democrats are promoting violence, anti Trump rhetoric, and Pelosi-esk candidates. They should be happy the Congress has not elected to use the D
    emocrats Nuclear action against them.


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