America Has Spoken: Right After the NFL United Against Trump and America, They Got the Worst News Imaginable

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This Sunday, NFL players made a point to unite together against our President and our country. Players on nearly every team showed some form of protest and disrespect for our military men and women.

Three teams, the Seahawks Titans and Steelers, made the ultimate cowardly move and stayed in the locker room during the national anthem. Only one player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Alejandro Villanueva, had the courage to go against orders from the coach and stand on the field for the anthem.

Villanueva is a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan and deserves to be commended for his actions. 

These entitled NFL millionaires seemed pretty proud of themselves for their disgraceful behavior, but after their performances ended Sunday, they got hit with a harsh dose of reality.

“Not only did ratings drop, stock shares of every single company that broadcast NFL games PLUMMETED!

Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS–are all down between 1% to 8%.”

An article in The Hollywood Reporter reckons the drop in NFL ratings could trim the broadcaster’s earnings by $200 million! Disney’s ESPN, meanwhile, also continues to get hammered by cord-cutting.

Our President is standing with the majority of Americans on this issue, a Reuters poll found that 72% of Americans find kneeling during the anthem unpatriotic.

Lets be honest, this isn’t about race, inequality or police brutality. It’s about selfish entitled egomaniacs just finding another way to play the victim.

Sure it’s their right to choose not to participate in our national anthem, but where would they be if our military members chose not to participate in fighting for their freedom?

Maybe they need to think about that.



  1. I have a few close friends who are die hard FF players, of them is (was) on 4 different FF leagues, and another runs an FF league. NOT anymore, both of them just dropped their FF commitments (mike lost over $500 dollars) in fees. Both said kapernick was just one guy, theyd over look him…but yesterday I talked to both, their DONE, no more NFL (or any sport that disrespects our country)!! my Next door neighbor took down his Patriots flags, and my brother in Kansas literally threw out his KC Chiefs gear in the dumpster he told me. If just my small world of people are leaving the NFL, I’m kinda thinking the NFL will be hurting financially by end of season..

  2. The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the NFL League Rulebook. It states:
    “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.
    “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition…
    …It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

  3. Goodell, and the owners will regret not stopping krapernick that first time he kneeled, they are going to regret not supporting our nation, but instead supporting cry baby liberals who hate America. Yes, they have the right to protest this great country, and I have the right not to pay a penny for their product. Those player salery’s will be hard to maintain when league revenue drops by half!! Hey, they “danced with the devil…” and will pay a high price doing so

  4. Until all those players are fired we should boycott the NFL 100% no going to the games watching the games they’re completely disrespectful arrogant pieces of crap and apparently the coaches and the owners of these NFL teams are we need little punks so we need to get them where it hurts in the pocket their bank account I believe that’s all they care about anyway money hungry morons there are things more important than football people and we need to stand United as a country and put these people in their place so let’s get it done

  5. If I remember correctly. The NFL is federally subsidized by the government. They get perks, tax loopholes for wright offs. Matching funds for stadium improvements. Cut them off, and they’ll stop protesting our flag.

  6. You have a contract to do your job —protest at work is not your job–don’t do your job –you can be fired just like any other job—protest elsewhere not at your job–felon league is dead and badell should be soon!

  7. I have been a Packers fan since, 1996, and I’ve boxed up everything that I have that has the teams name on it. I watched them when the lost, I watched them when they won, but I’ll never watch them again as long as they take a knee, or raise their hands in a fist, or stand with their arms locked. This was disrespectful to our country, our flag. Without us the Fan’s, you will not be able to be paid the fees you’re used to. I have seen hundreds of videos where people are burning anything NFL. I’ll probably be right behind them. So either leave your protesting off the field and play the game, or stay home. What our president said, wasn’t in any way racist. He said that either play or get fired. So they won’t fire you, but we the people, the Fan’s will. I’m ashamed of all of you.

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