When Anchor Called Trump A White Supremacist, Tucker Carlson BLASTED ESPN With The Cold Hard TRUTH

Source: Youtube, Fox news, espn

Progressives have truly been ruining some fine American institutions, and ESPN is a prime example. The whole network has been hemorrhaging subscribers after a sudden hard-left turn after being acquired by Disney. These are the same guys who wouldn’t let an Asian-American anchor named Robert Lee comment on a football game at the University of Virginia because someone might be offended. Yeah. They’re that crazy.

On Monday another one of ESPN’s anchors went off the deep end on objectivity and flat out called President Trump- and those around him- white supremacists:

Now, what did ESPN do about this offensive tweet? Not much. The network released a statement the next day saying “The comments on Twitter Jemele Hill regarding the president do not represent the position of ESPN. We have addressed this with Jemele and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate.”

Oh, really? If she recognizes that her actions were inappropriate, why didn’t she delete her tweet? In other words, nothing happened.

Tucker Carlson at least was paying attention and was willing to call out Hill and ESPN, calling her statements a “bizarre Twitter rant,” saying “ESPN stood for ‘endlessly stupid political nagging,'” recalling that “when Glenn Beck said something similar about Barack Obama, the world stopped.”

Check out the whole segment here, it’s great:

When asked to comment, Carlson’s guest Fox Sports reported Clay Travis said of ESPN’s comment:

“It means that nothing actually happened because Hill is saying what the higher ups at ESPN believe. I think this goes all the way to the top, Tucker…Disney and ESPN have decided we want to be a left-wing sports network”

BOOM. Sad but true, folks. Another thing leftists have destroyed. SHARE this out if you are joining MILLIONS of others and turning OFF ESPN!

(H/T The Hill)


  1. What we are seeing right now…..is good versus evil. Right in front of our eyes it’s happening. And in my lifetime! I want to be more oware then ever. And we have a chance to uphold good rather than evil. Let’s stand firmly and honestly against the powers that have ruled our country for way too long…..and pray like never before. May God continue to bless us. We need Him more than ever before.


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