When ANTIFA Showed Up In Texas Today, Cops IMMEDIATELY Made Them Regret Coming


Hundreds of left-wing Antifa terrorists came out to protest a “Dixie Freedom Rally” in Austin, Texas on Saturday. The police weren’t putting up with the violence, either. Watch the insane video below.

Screenshot of the video below

Watch these Texas cops teach Antifa why they shouldn’t mess with Texas.

Altercations between police and protesters in Austin, TX.

Altercations between police and protesters in Austin, TX.Click here for more information: https://www.circa.com/story/2017/09/23/nation/more-than-1-000-people-marched-against-onfederate-pride-in-austin-texas

Posted by Circa on Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Texas Confederate Militia decided to postpone their rally to a later date because of violent threats via Antifa. The rally was thus canceled. Antifa protested hardcore anyways.

This Antifa scum is gonna need his momma to get him out of jail (Screenshot)
He fought the law and the law won. (screenshot)
This kid got his Ninja Halloween costume out for the event (Screenshot)

Why was Antifa allowed to show up with masks and weapons. If they banned the masks – then the violence would pretty much end! It’s disgusting to watch Antifa terrorists scream at police officers and call them “murderers” and “violent pigs.”

Thank God for these Texas cops. They aren’t taking any crap. Share this if you love our police officers. Let’s show them some frickin’ support.

Sound off below with a message of kindness to our police officers in the comments. Even if you just say a single nice word about them.


  1. What a bunch of low life’s with their ugly mugs covered so their mommies wouldn’t see them. Somebody should have set fire to those damn flags they were carrying. Shows they are good for nothing. I wanted to see the cops take down more of them.

  2. We need to put them in jail, but then charge them so they will have a record. They are TERRORIST! Rip those stupid Mask off and take away their arms, then we will see how tough they are then! Let’s destroy them once and for all. They think they are so tough, let’s kick their butts.

    • jeanne…Yes!! I totally agree, charge them with threats to the police! let them out on probation, then pick them up and charge them with violation…mandatory jail time!

  3. Why do they cover their face not brave enough to stand there and face people. Why can’t they be arrested for inciting a Riot or covering/wearing a mask to hide their identity. They hold Flags with the hammer and Sickle and don’t even have any ider what it really stands for.

  4. Sad to see these disgusting people but they are getting paid to be there so guess they will continue as long as Soros pays!! The police have been very good to hold back with them screaming all the profanities and threats of dead cops!! Kudos to the police for taking it!!!

  5. We stand with the Blue in Texas. Antifa and BLM can take a hike, or take a rough ride downtown. They are both terrorist organizations.

  6. We are very proud of our law enforcement officers in Texas. Should the day come when they are grossly out numbered, factions like Antifa will be shocked at how many Texans will stand side by side with our officers in solidarity. These are not protesters, they are anarchistic criminals who got much better than they deserve from this particularly stellar group of officers.

    • I licw in downstate Illinois. Buit quite a few of us have told our local police that should the day ever come that they are faced with overwhelming violence from garbage like this, they should look behind them, because we will be behind them, ready to join in if necessary and stop what the threat is against them. We have our “Good Old Boys” here, too! And we’re ready to get ourselves a piece of ANTIFA!

      • God Bless You, I agree with you every patriotic american should be ready and willing to stand up to these cry baby communist. The destruction of our country is enough. Maybe we should help Soros spend his millions on bail.

  7. Well, you ask for it so here goes. I think you are all uneducated, ungrateful, children that have been bought and paid for by Soros or one of his liberal flunky groups that he pays to do his bidding. You do and say what they tell you to do, you hate the very people that are doing their job and the very ones you will call if someone does you wrong. It would be a shame if they ask you before responding to your call “are you affiliated with Antifa?” and if you had the balls to be truthful and admit it and they just said ” sorry we don’t give a flying f*** “. However that is not what they would do, they would do everything in their power to help your no account rear. If you are so proud of what you are doing why cover your faces, is it so mommy & daddy don’t see you and ground you or maybe you boo won’t fire yo. OH, I forgot , you don’t have to work because you get paid to riot. As far as the Confederate Statues are concerned, if you would take the time to become educated about the histor, true history behind them not the cra p your buddy think he heard but the stuff you research. You might like them too. This coming from a old white Texas woman that loves Texas, being a Texan tho I love out of state now , and love very much being a proud American. I believe All Lives Matter, even yours.

  8. Will someone please explain why these thugs have not been arrested. This is not under the free speech role, these are terrorist. Going around hurting people, covering their face because they are ashamed to show their faces.going from town to town, distroying other peoples property. When did all this become legal ? I do not understand how they are getting by with this day after day, week after week ! WHY ?

    • What a GREAT question!!!!

      I do think that if every community passed an ordinance that anyone wishing to protest is free to do so……WITHOUT MASKS or weapons of any sort!!!!! Anyone wearing a mask or ‘armed’ [baseball bats, firearms etc]will be arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and charged with inciting violence. Following that, their photographs will be published …….anywhere possible.
      Not arresting these idiots is the same as giving them PERMISSION!!!!

  9. These guys are cowards.They think they are hot shots but deap down they are cowards.The Police are the brave ones.They aren’t ashamed to stand up for their State &Country!

    • I put a bumper sticker on my car which says “Police Lives Matter” and it’s staying there. I live in the country, but i sometimes go to the liberal left city in Buffalo. I want the liberals to see my bumper sticker. We have to stick up for the police, becuz without them we will have total anarchy.

  10. We think all antifa members need to go to jail. You are not working people or you wouldn’t be out there threatening police officers.

  11. Sorry these punks should have the crap beat out of them. We have the idiot to thank for this. This is why our students are the dumbest in the world. As you can see the idiots are even doing the Nazi salute. This is garbage not humans what they need is a good beating and their mouths washed out with lye.

  12. I saw a flag that said International Antifa ,what with International? They should not be given permission to protest with the masks. Too me that indicates rioting! I’m very proud of the DPS, APD and all others law enforcement. I actually saw Musim headdress and I ask, what’s up is ISIS in Texas.

  13. ANTIFA is a newcomer on the civil violence scene, but already they have PROVED themselves to be violent idiots. And they’d best take care. They are sowing the wind, but they’re about to reap a whirlwind. They don’t have a clue what’s headed their way VERY soon! God Bless Texas, and God bless the police.

  14. I have never seen such a dirty unkept crowd, don’t know how they afforded to get to Austin. I have seen a lot of protests over the years, but never have I seen them wear masks, other than the kkk, so maybe that is who they are?? Anyway if mama and dad see their faces, they may have to leave home and get a job. I don’t like them coming to Texas and for sure they better watch who they hit with clubs here. Just a thought.

  15. God Bless our police and all others that wear a uniform. Those thugs are terrorist and should be arrested. You thugs are disrespectful, and a disgrace to our country. If you don’t like it leave

  16. God bless those police officers. Texas just went through a devastating storm with much destruction. Why are these Atifa roaches not helping their neighbors by crawling back into the sewer. What did they want besides strutting around like little toddlers practicing saying curse words! Again, bless these men in law enforcement, you have the patience of Job. Stay safe.

  17. I support and pray for our police officers. My grandma said, “if you can’t do something with everyone knowing who you are, don’t do it! I have no respect for people who have to hide behind masks to get their point across.

  18. If these morons show up to ‘protest’ the Republic of Texas rally, I’m bringing popcorn. And a video camera. Should be some good comedy.

  19. Awesome video! These little farts need to be reminded that the Texas Rangers have been incorporated into the State Troopers. Well, they know now! I’m gonna share this all over FB, and show others how we handle them. Call it a “training video”. LOL

  20. Bunch of thugs with Russian communist flags bad they think they are doing good and want statues taken down for their communist beliefs! No they re bad people be should go away with the Klan and any other terrorist group

  21. I just note the similarity between these young, mislead, following the wrong leader and the jihadists. They cover their faces and black seems to be their favorite color. Say what you will, but I believe this is all from Satan and it is sad to know that these young people are following him, wasting their lives and doing a lot of harm.
    They are mostly all white, probably mostly all middle class. They have had the best care, safe homes, good nutrition, etc. and they are all ungrateful, seemingly angry and have been fed a lot of satanic lies. Very sad.

    • If you believe that they are evil Roberta, then do your duty as a Christian. Rebuke, bind and command them to be freed of the bondage of evil in the name of our Lord Jesus and His blood. We, who carry His name believe in the power of the tongue. Then declare it. Ask the Lord to touch their hearts, open their minds, lift off the veil over their eyes and remove their ear plugs so they can see and hear the Glory and Power of our God.

  22. We should pick up our arms and stand with those brave policeman. Let them known that they are not alone!!!!!. It’s time to take our country back.. To hell with putting them in jail, let’s deport them all. Let’s get them and and I mean everyone of them!!!!

  23. ANTIFA, in reality, are the renamed KKK of the left. The socialist left have been this way since, or before, Karl Marx, and it’s due to their warped psyche. They know that their ideology will never be accepted as normal, so they try to use violence to force it upon the public. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, and Stalin used the tactics invented by the European socialist anarchists, and the KKK from the US, within the Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, and the Bolsheviks. That is all ANTIFA are, fascists and domestic terrorists. We already have many laws available, both state and federal, to stop them, and put them away for good. It is about time that law enforcement uses them, and makes ANTIFA a thing of the past.

  24. I would love to See Gov Abbott pass a proclamation, that ANY “Protestor” who shows up to protest wearing Face coverings carrying pats, weapons, body armor etc be immediately ARRESTED and CHARGED with disturbing the PEACE of TEXAS!!! Jailed for 60 days and a $10,000 dollar BOND/FINE to be distributed to the Harvey Relief FUND!!!!

  25. they should just bring in some prison buses in and take all the scum away, they are violent, fouled mouth entitled babies. cowards covering their faces, and boo hooing about police brutality how pathetic, throw them all in jail they look like jihad terrorists…..

  26. Interesting how they ape Isis with their faces covered. Real Dirt. They need to go back to the bog they emerged from. Yea for the blue line. Love law enforcement

  27. I hope Texas bans face coverings. The thugs are less likely to show up when they can’t wear masks. Honest people don’t have to cover their faces, the police don’t cover their faces only these George Soros funded communists hide their faces. They don’t want to take responsibility for their filthy brutality and disrespectful demeanor. They are true communists and they want America to fall. They should not be allowed to be so violent and aggressive to the police or to anyone. They can peacefully protest if they want. But the truth is they are there to cause Chaos and nothing else.

  28. Hey – “Don’t mess with Texas!” These ignorant, idiot snowflake cup cakes should have known better. Go back to California! Boy – do I ever hope it secedes – look at all the tax money we’ll save by not paying for all of California’s welfare bums!

  29. I believe you are right Maureen. I am surprised these face coverings and weapons are not banned with automatic punishment of jail and hefty fines.

  30. Hey, people, in case you are not aware of it, Antifa was created and paid for by George Soros. He tells them what to do. Either freeze his money, so he can’t pay them, or kill him. Then Antifa will go away.

  31. Personally, I feel the cops should make them all remove their masks so the world can see who they are. If they get offensive and out of line they should be arrested and fined. If they don’t like the statues, they should tell their Congressmen (if they’re from Texas) – then start raising the funds to have them moved, if necessary. Taxpayer money should NOT be used to remove the statues.

  32. Did anyone else here the antifa kid say (near the end of the video) that he was taking a break cause he needed to have a cig and sit down. Lmao! Do you realize why he had to go over there to do it? Cause he couldn’t smoke thru his mask and I’ll bet the park was non smoking. The irony of it is killing me! Roflmfao

  33. Blue lives matter. Love the police anywhere I go!. Respect them and they WILL do the same.. These ANTIFA do NOT scare anyone with their masks but I will say I haven’t ever seen a bigger group of cowards…. Show your faces creeps….

  34. They need to make tougher laws for violent protesters. They should be made to stay in jail a while without bail. Like, maybe a month the first time and more time each time they get arrested for the same crime. Blocking traffic should also be considered a violent crime, with the same punishment. These violent groups need to be declared terrorist groups and not allowed to protest at all. The minute they show up, they should start arresting them and herding the rest away. We cannot allow terrorists to take away our free speech, right to peacefully protest and to peacefully assemble.

  35. Watching the whole tape. These degenerates were not here to peacefully protest! There are a terror group and they were there to try to inflame and intimidate police. I do not know how these patient men and brave women did it but they were amazing. These animals pretending to be people should be banned. Every other word was fuc* or kill the cops or we want dead cops. They were very threatening. How can this be allowed It is so violent in actions and speech it should be broken up before it starts..

  36. It’s time to outlaw face and head coverings especially at public gatherings and every day ware as well. It is also time to start throwing the anarchists in jail. With heavy heavy fines that pay for the destruction that occurs during the brawl that they start. It’s time to revoke Soros citizenship and access to this country and deport him and family and corporations out of here. Also throw all of deep state corrupt officials and backers into Gitmo. Antafa is nothing but a arm the Soros attempted take over our country. They are paid by him to disrupt and destroy. Thank you Texas for once again coming to the forefront and showing the rest of the country how handle this Antafa situation by letting law enforcement do their jobs. God bless Texas.

    • We should capture and execute Soros for treason, subversion, and sedition. Drain off all his assets to repay those who have suffered at the hands of his Islamic Communist thugs. We must confront and challenge the wolves of Islamic Communism. These wolves come in many different forms and ideologies of totalitarian rule. Thus, we must go after them like a pack of hounds rather than a flock of sheep.

  37. They need to not allow these cowards to wear face coverings — the minute they show up with them they should be arrested, the face covering removed a picture taken and then plastered everywhere with the name also so people and employers know who these people are. If they want to protest, they need to be identifiable. Antifa and BLM and the New Black Panthers need to be shut down and shut down quickly. They are all terrorists, upon their release from prison they should be stripped of their citizenship and thrown out of the country. They can find somewhere else to take them.

  38. Nothing but nazi scum. When you cease to respect rule of law and our Constitutional System….(ie; nowhere in our constitution does it say violence is acceptable) all bets are off and MY Constitution no longer applies to you, TERRORISTS HAVE NO RIGHTS WHEN THEY CHOSE TO LIVE OUTSIDE THE CONSTITUTION! Take em’ down like the nazi scum their paid to be! No more tolerance left. God, have Your way. We are BRINGING THE LORD GOD BACK INTO THIS WONDERFUL NATION THIS KIND OF EVIL CLOSED HIM OUT OF, the Corrupt regime is OVER….watch.

  39. For all the money Soros and Hillary are paying them you would think they could at least look like the thugs they are supposed to be but instead they looked like a rag tail bunch of losers. I was not surprised that in Texas they look at mobs like this in a different way then some states and took those punks down like a hot knife going through butter. Texas has set a mighty fine example of how police can and did control a situation pretty fast. Now that the bar has been set maybe police in the other states will follow suit and do their jobs in this manner. When they say do not mess with Texans they mean it. Thank you for keeping the peace and God bless all the police involved and God bless Texas.

  40. These children show up looking for conflict and when they get it, it’s always the same thing “but mommy they started it”. Grow the hell up you self-righteous, self-absorbed idiots and star acting like the mature adults you are supposed to be.

  41. None of these wonderful law officers are paid enough to put up with this CRAP.
    They have the patience of absolute SAINTS!

    May God Bless them and keep them safe.

  42. These are low life people who will never be anything but thugs. I say just get rid of them. They are causing so many problems in this world. And I don’t care who is paying them. Just goes to show you how stupid these people are. Let’s gather them all up and send them to fight in real wars. Then let’s see who they hide behind. I think the parents should be found and mad to be a countable for there kids actions. If that was my child I would beat the crap out of them.

  43. Freeze Soros’s money and these thugs will go away for the most part because when they can’t get paid they will leave like rats on a sinking ship.

  44. It’s about TIME law enforcement takes action. To paraphrase Willie Nelson, “Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be Antifa”.

  45. I think the police should round up all the cowards and ship them down to Venezuela and give them a front row seat to what fascism really looks like.

  46. What I think about this issue is they’re a bunch of ignorant little kids being used by a few adults from the hippie era to start a civil war and they will all be eliminated. A small number of adults setting kids astray and for a short life. It’s like Manson cult reborn.

  47. so, if they are so proud of what they are fighting for, if they even know what they are fighting for, why do they hide their faces? if they are so convinced that they are fighting the “good fight”, why not be proud of that?
    have you ever noticed any “older folk” (anyone 0ver 35) in these anfta groups?
    they are all just a bunch of spoiled little kids, who wernt hugged anough by mom and dad- so they are looking for some self validation in life.
    Like I said above, they know what they are fighting for, just that they are getting paid (by libs, dems and globalists) to be violent toward Americans, the real Americans, Patriotic Americans.

  48. I want to THANK the Texas Law enforcement for doing their jobs and enforcing the law against these PAID terrorist racists groups and hope that the rest of the law enforcement follow their example to enforce the law to stop these PAID violent groups especially when there hardly is any White Supremacy except but some few select groups like the CIA, Democratic ran KKK and a few other groups ran by them.
    Racism was mostly gone in this country until obama and hillary along with their racist TV media started bringing it back and divided America.
    Today and over the past eight years under obama democratic rule whites and Christians are the most persecuted group around the world including here in the US.
    Thanks to President Trump who cares about EVERY race which has been a PROVEN, FACT Americans of every race color and gender are closer now then they have been in the last 20 years and you can see that at EVERY Trump rally or event.
    Again my heart felt Thanks and Appreciation goes out to these officers fro enforcing the law and NOT tolerating this violence and PLEASE keep up the GREAT work !

  49. This is my moderation in light of treason, subversion, and sedition which is the reason of my observations. Stand fast Texans and remember the Alamo and Goliad. Bring in the Texas Rangers and the National Guard .

  50. Agree they should have their masks removed
    If soros and clinton are supporting them then their money should be frozen just as any other person supporting a criminal enterprise.
    God bless our police officers for being so patient. I could never have done it.
    As far as wondering where their parents are, that’s the whole problem with youth today. Parents didn’t do their job when these people were younger. I good ass whooping a few times from my daddy’s belt would definitely made a difference in a lot of their lives.

  51. Hmmm $25 per hr to wear a mask and taunt LEOs with baseless and crazy accusations? I saw nip it in the bud: Soros and Doomberg’s bank accounts. SImple steps: recognize Antifa as terrorist org, then any funding is a crime. Fat tracck thorugh the DOJ and lets get back to the business of securing our nation’s future.

  52. I blame the federal government these people of already been put on the care of this list every several agency state local should’ve done at them on the bus and said to sent to GETMO


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