IT BEGINS! Owner Of Huge Clothing Company Just Hit The NFL Right Where It Hurts


Allan Jones is the CEO of Hardwick Clothing and Check Into Cash payday loan company. As of Tuesday, he is tired of sponsoring the wardrobes and advertising of the NFL.

Hardwick Clothing is one of America’s oldest suit maker. In a recent statement, he said, “Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior.”

That video above is unpatriotic and childish.

According to the Times Free Press, a Cleveland Tenn., a businessman named Allan Jones was showing off his new Hardwick Clothing-brand suits provided as a wardrobe for NBC’s on-air talent during NFL football games.

Jones is the CEO of payday lending chain Check Into Cash and is the owner of Hardwick Clothes. He texted the reason for his decision to

“When I see Colin Kaepernick lecturing the ‘oppressed’ wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt, you realize the hypocrisy to this stupidity. I love America. They have the right to protest and I have the right to turn off the channel and place our ads elsewhere. The next time someone asks the public to finance a stadium, this will have a very long-term effect. These guys should really be the lead plaintiffs in the head injury cases that’s the only jury that will find sympathy!”

Share this if you want the NFL to stop disrespecting our flag and our national anthem.

This is your final message before all us Patriots leave you forever.


  1. God bless you Al….The whole season too. –

    I don’t care what they do now. I am done with them for good. “I’m sorry , I didn’t mean it” is not going to work this time. – Just like Benedict Arnold. This it a life sentence for the NFL.

    Now let’s see if the NBA learned anything.

  2. I understand the NFL just took a big hit at the box office. Good. Who wants to pay to watch a bunch of overpaid crybabies? I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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