BIG DEAL: Congress Just Gave Trump a HUGE Win that Proves He is Great President

Source: C-SPAN

President Donald Trump promised America he would be the ultimate deals President and now he has delivered on that promise 100%. He has managed to make a bipartisan deal no other President would have even considered.

Despite some backlash over Trump’s backdoor deal with Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell to get funding for Hurricane victims with ZERO contingencies, there is no WAY they can spin this win against the President.

Trump’s new Bipartisan Debt Bill was approved 80-17!

So let me explain a little something about this bill WITHOUT all the political bias. Essentially, Donald Trump decided it was more important to protect people hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma than to gamble their safety on a political ploy and last-minute shutdown.

Also, if you remember, Trump made is VERY clear when he was elected that he would work with the Dems if the Republicans kept failing in Congress. After 7 months, I’d say the Republicans we have currently managed to fail us Big League.


In fact, the REAL reason that the Republicans are mad is not that he “sided with the Dems”. The Democrats won NOTHING in their negotiation. The real reason they are Pissed is that they wanted Trump to force the next debt ceiling negotiations to be AFTER the 2018 elections. Instead, he decided to hold them accountable. Boo-Hoo!

Our President, Donald J Trump, has shown he really does care about Country over Politics. He brought both sides together and took care of His people. It’s that simple. Help get his REAL story shared everywhere and maybe Americans will finally realize that, with a good leader like Trump, we really can work together.


  1. you never say anything. what did Trump accomplish, you just said he made a good deal, what deal? Say what your writing about, let us know what he did, not just that he did something.
    I’m with Trump, but you are just so vague.

  2. Good for you President Trump! So proud you thought of ‘the people’ first and worked with congress yourself to get the job done….


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