BRUTAL: Trey Gowdy Just Exposed Dem’s Biggest Fear that Would END Mueller Investigation

Source: FOX News

It looks like the Justice Hound of the House Trey Gowdy is back again and this time he has discovered something the Democrats don’t want getting out about that “dirty dossier” on Trump.

So Rep Gowdy was busy doing his duty as the Chairman of the Oversight Committee when ‘BAM!’, it hit him. He needed to see what the FBI and Justice Department saw in that Dossier that made this whole investigation into the Trump campaign start in the first place.

Trey Gowdy said that Dems are scared that the ENTIRE investigation into Trump was built on a piece of fiction.

Gowdy told the Daily Caller,


“I don’t know why anyone — from [California Rep.] Adam Schiff, to Vanity Fair, to Rachel Maddow — would not be curious whether or not the world’s premier law enforcement agency relied upon a dossier in connection with an investigation without vetting it.”

“For the life of me I don’t understand why they are focused on this, unless they are fearful that the bureau did rely on a piece of fiction.

According to Trey, he thinks that Comey may have jumped the gun and started the case without vetting any of the info. It makes sense since the Dossier was already disproven.

If that is the case, then the entire investigation is a sham and Comey and Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch need to go on trial instead. This is a big breakthrough for Trey Gowdy and every Conservative. Make sure everybody sees this.


  1. Way to go Trey Gowdy, you are truly a great detective and defender of our President and our country. Thank you for everything you do for our country and God Bless You.

  2. This is no different than a man falsely charged with a rape or murder. If it is intentionally done to convict just anyone of a crime to clear a crime or based on shoddy police work, it is wrong. To charge sitting President with a treasonous act to overturn an election, it is sedition, conspiracy and treason, at the least.

  3. Finally someone said stop, the unauthorized witch hunt of the democratic party has to end, obstructionist don’t have rights in my opinion!!! You want to block everything positive cause you have no ideas??? Well you don’t get to continue your distraction techniques to keep attention off of the real criminals, YOU!!!! REPUBLICANS stand up, you have the majority, start investigating all the crooked dealings of the DEMS!!! If positive legislation to bring our country back to greatness is obstructed by DEMOS then let us use the time to put them on the hot seat and bring them to justice!!! They are not the only party who can waste time on witch hunts!!!!!!

    • God bless Trey Howdy. He has a great investigative mind, a willingness to use it and step forward to speak for truth & justice. What has been happening to our president is inhumane & criminal. President Trump has not had one second to fully enjoy his presidency because these malicious & cruel people started in on inauguration day, yet he works so hard for our country & our citizens. His dedication is truly amazing.
      Thank you Trey Howdy for your dedication to truth & your hard work for all of us. Thanks for speaking for us.

  4. Thanks for affirming your post or article…is another example of making Gowdy and his confidants seem like they are doing something other than what they are really doing, obfuscating. The sad thing is while you have every right to say what you wish, there are people who I admire, who have believed what you say as the Grail. I do not know whether to hold them responsible for believing what you have written or whether to hold them co-culpable for not being a more critical thinker.

    Mr. Gowdy is a very self-assured person in the Congress. He does not need much affirmation in spite of the fact he appears to be blocking anything that might help us understand how the Russians were able to impact our election. I am sure he is happy for your support.

  5. They know it’s a sham- it’s being brought before congress that they can prove Russia did not hack the DNC. That was all made up by Clinton and the left and pushed by the media

  6. The Department of Justice just blocked any testimony from the FBI over these issues. makes me wonder who is actually running the DOJ nowadays

  7. It’s a hit piece paid for by Billionaire George Soro’s They are afraid that a real investigation will prove HRC, & DOJ Lied and with Obama were involved in a Felony they are trying to cover up.

  8. That is what the public has been saying all along. Why aren’t there any arrest yet. The Clinton Cartel should all be indicted by now. Thanks Trey, now start the indictments and stop wasting our $ on Mueller and his phony investigation of our President.


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