BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Lawyer Cheryl Mills Just Got CRUSHED By Karma Like Never Before

Source: Youtube, Fox News

A judge in Maryland just slammed Hillary Clinton’s shady lawyers with a heaping spoonful of justice on Monday. Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr ordered the Maryland bar to investigate Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, and David E. Kendall for destroying thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails. 

Ty Clevenger, a New York attorney hell-bent on attempting to prove Hillary Clinton committed perjury, filed a complaint against the lawyers, saying they should be investigated for wrongdoing.

Judge Harris commented that Clevenger’s complaint “appears to have merit.”

Former FBI director James Comey declined to pursue charges against Clinton for using a private email server as Secretary of State, compromising classified information. The FBI offered Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson immunity for their testimony.

Things are finally starting to catch up to Hillary Clinton. The process is slow- she’s a big fish to fry and she isn’t going to get busted over just anything, even if the least thing she’s done would put an ordinary person away for years and years. The evidence is piling up though, and we’re here to document ALL. OF. IT.

The lawyers are now under investigation- the truth will come to the light. The media isn’t going to advertise this one, so SHARE it FAR and WIDE, patriots!

(h/t Fox News)


  1. Yea, Lets get this Treasonous, Criminal prosecuted and in Prison, I dont care how big a fish smell is coming from her, lets get her and hopefully bill in prison

  2. Does anyone continue to believe that the traitor Hillary Clinton will ever be prosecuted for anything? Her and Bill both should be in prison for all the illegal things the have done. However, I believe they have the privilege of being in the 3rd level of the (in)-justice system. This level protects all the criminal politicians and prevents them from being prosecuted…just saying.

  3. Hitlery, Comey, Slick Willie,Lynch, and Obama all should be locked up for so many crimes it would take years to try them for all of them. To make it less costly just try them for TREASON except for Bill he should be tried STUPIDITY AND RAPE. STUPIDITY for Marrying Hitlery and Rape for all the women he has had all these years. He had to force more than one because no woman would want to get on Hitlery’s bad side just look at all the questionable deaths surrounding Hitlery’s life.


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