EXPERT MODE: President Trump Just Made THREE Democrats Do The IMPOSSIBLE

Source: Youtube

Democrats have been flat out resisting working with the president at all costs for seemingly no other reason than because they’re mad he won the election. Little do they know, President Trump is an expert negotiator- he wrote The Art of the Deal, after all! And he can even get Democrats on his side if he wants them.

The president is trying to craft new tax reform, which should be bipartisan issue as even Democrats have railed against the inefficiencies of the current tax code. Nevertheless, President Trump has been met with bullheaded resistance. Until now.

The president hosted three Democrat senators from red states for a dinner at the White House- Joe Manchin (WV), Heidi Heitkamp (ND) and Joe Donnelly (IN). Each of these senators is up for reelection in 2018, and each knows that their constituents favor President Trump and want to see his policies enacted, The Hill reports.

We don’t know what was said at the meeting, which also included Vice President Mike Pence and several GOP senators, but the three Democrats came away publicly stating that they wanted to work with President Trump on tax reform.

Manchin said: “I look forward to working with the President, the Administration and my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle on tax reform and going through regular order so we can help all Americans and West Virginians prosper.”

Donnelley said he was “hopeful” to work with the president.

Heitkamp said: “As I’ve long said I want to work with those on both sides of the aisle on a comprehensive, permanent tax reform plan. I hope these bipartisan discussions continue.”

That’s how it’s done, folks! These three Senators have signalled in the past they’d consider working with the GOP on tax reform, but President Trump nailed these discussions and helped bring that closer to happening.

The Senate only needs a simple majority to pass tax reform, but after three GOP defectors derailed the healthcare repeal, the president is not taking ANY more chances.

He promised us tax reform, the GOP has signaled they will get reform passed by the end of the year, and with President Trump’s negotiating tactics, it looks like it’s going to happen.

(h/t The Hill)


  1. the problem we are haveing is not democrats or republicans, what the problem is political arrogance. and it has spread thru out the governemt. and it is the biggest problem that this nation has. they do not believe that the law pretains to them, they do not care what the people want, they do not care about what the people need and they dont care what the problems are. they keep saying it, they keep doing, it they dont get it, TRUMP WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT. SHUT UP AND GET TO WORK. DROP THE POLITICS AND GET TO WORK OR GET OUT. OR WE WILL GET YOU OUT.

  2. Some of the problems with the party lines, on both sides, is none of them want their thoughts (on any of the problems) to be in open discussion. That is one of the reasons President Trump is talking to a few from both sides at any one time. Plus it keeps the stupid media from knowing what either side has said and then twisting their words when they print them.

  3. President Trump is too smart for Congress. He the master negotiator. Either work with him, both Democraps and RINOs, or get voted out. We want people who will put the American people first.

  4. “Funny thing…..”We The People” are looked down on by those we send to Washington. They are all smiles and compassionate until, we elect them and send them on their way to Washington. However, once they reach their office and find their staff and aids that cater to their every wish. They seem to get the ‘idea’ that those same staff members and aids assisting them and catering to them are not paid by…’We The People’. These politicians ego’s start to grow thinking they can do a little paperwork shuffle, agree to the some bills proposed by the Democrats then their day at work is done.
    Off to the Strip joints, Tittie Bars, Men’s Clubs, to cut up and have fun with their co-senators and the gang on the hill. Well, this is going to change and change fast !!!!
    ‘We The People’ are going to start holding these lazy ass bombs feet to the fire from here out. We may not have prestigious jobs, wear a tie, sip martini’s during $30.00 lunches. But,….United Together ‘ We The People’ Own their ass ! Come 2018 many of these senators of ill reput will find that out when they come back to us for our votes next year…….WORK WITH TRUMP OR YOUR ASS IS GONE !!!!!!!!!


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