FBI Director Wray Just Revealed HUGE Russia Investigation Secret that TERRIFIES the Dems

Source: Youtube

Christopher Wray has only been Trump’s FBI Director for a few weeks and already he is making waves that Comey NEVER could. Today he decided to speak out publicly during a Conference. Nobody was expecting anything big when they walked in. Boy were they wrong…

That’s when FBI Director Wray looked out at the reporters and in a thunderous boom revealed the one secret they DIDN’T want to hear,

“I can say very confidently that I haven’t detected any whiff of interference with that investigation.”

Of course, this is EXACTLY what the Left was hoping not to hear. They wanted stories about a crooked President manipulating Law Enforcement. Instead, all they got was a true story of Trump doing his job.

Wray’s comments came during the Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington D.C., a meeting of 6 Top intelligence officials hosted by the Washington Post. Big surprise that WaPo is tied to the CIA again…

Still, this is absolutely something that deserves to get out. The Director of the FBI just disproved ALL the media narratives about Trump being corrupt. Do y’all really think the Media will share this out? HELL NO! That’s why it’s up to all y’all to get this out and set the record straight.


  1. I knew this all along; and so did millions of other Trump supporters! It’s the crooked Democrats and those Republicans who are jealous of Trump’s popularity, and what he’s been able to accomplish in just the 8 mths he’s been in office. The Libs have been trying to manipulate the media in the worst way. Their “media matters” rhetoric is so ridiculous, that I have refused to watch any news broadcasts except Sean Hannity of Fox. I am so disappointed in the journalistic approach of all the mainstream media, that I can’t believe this is America! People better wake up and wise up, because they really need to pay attention to the real news stories from people who will tell the truth!

  2. I already noticed on three different articles that they were blocked. We need to vote out every Socialistic, open borders Democrat during the next election cycle. Especially in California, which has been controlled by the Democrats for years. They have been consistently attacking our 2nd Amendments rights thru the use of the California DOJ and other agencies. They feel like they only have to enforce the laws they want to instead of doing their jobs. This includes Mayors and even members of school boards.


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