Football Is Going To Hell: Watch These High School Band Dancers Dress as ‘Strippers’ On Football Field


The Miami Northwestern High Golden Girls dressed like “strippers” in this video going viral. The group introduced a new look at a recent high school football game.

Don’t get me wrong. As one gentleman points out in the article.

Band dancers getting mixed reactions about uniforms on social media.What do you think about the Miami Northwestern High Golden Girls' outfits? | Director: @supa_blackgirl

Posted by Michael Quander on Sunday, September 24, 2017

There are some hilarious comments on the video that has quickly spread viral on Facebook. The comments are totally priceless. Some people tried to defend the outfits.

Via Facebook
Via Facebook
Via Facebook

What do you think? Are the outfits too inappropriate for high school? Sound off below. It seems like it’d be a cold day in hell before most people would let their kids dress like that for a dance routine. This woman wrote the following comment that sums it up.

Nothing against these girls – just their parents. Spread this on social media if ya’ll agree and have a wonderful Saturday.

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      • ME too!! What is going on with our ADULT TEACHER’S??? Are they trying to ‘live thru’ the young people?’ The girl’s are pretty, but the outfit’s are not!! PERIOD!!! Disgusting!!

          • I most certainly did watch it. I have no inclination to watch children dressed like “strippers”. I’ve never thought very much of parents who dress their 10 year old as “Dolly”. Why would I find teenage black hookers entertaining or titalating. Unbelievable that their mothers and fathers did stop ✋ them.

    • I agree with much of what is being said about the outfits these girls are prancing around in but with all the complaining…nearly 3 million viewers watched them. Including those of us complaining. Now what does that tell you? Are we any better than these poor girls doing what they are told? Why did we watch it?

      • If you didn’t watch it you couldn’t criticize it. Disgusting. What are we teaching our kids. Two years from now 1/2 of them are knocked up and the idiot adults will say what do you think went wrong? School children need discipline and guidance. When I was in school, the class sizes were 40 plus and the teacher had no problem with control of the classroom. I, once or twice had my head driven through my shoulder blades with a book and if you complained, when you got home dad beat the crap out of you again. Keep it up libs and you will have a bunch of stupid, unruley idiots on your hands and then blame it on the teacher. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

        • Yes Don, 1/2 of them will be knocked up as you say if not sooner. How can the
          school district condone this. The education they are looking for is on their
          backs. Slutty? Of course. Whatever happened to education? They are not
          taught to write cursive or how to print neatly, to do the basic 4 math functions
          in their heads, geography, history………..It’s society going dumber and more
          stupid. Grades get adjusted to make the school have better scores, lowering
          the threshhold for passing. Give the education back to the teachers and keep
          politics out of it.

      • Ton, I turned it on to see what they were talking about. This is disgusting. The parents and these girls do NOT care about their action and where these young people will end up, at.

        • Same here. Just a sampling of how low our country has sunk in regard to morals. We used to accuse the French people of being immoral, but we have reached the point where we are as bad or worse.

      • I did NOT watch them…. I saw a picture posted that came up on my FB page. These are high school girls. This is about as inappropriate as you can get. We keep talking about how wrong it is to objectify women and girls, but isn’t that exactly what’s happening here? I noticed all these girls are black, so assuming it’s a black high school. In reading a follow-up, the school has apologized and will in the future be more stringent in what it will allow. Evidently, the girls themselves chose these costumes, which tells me they’re not being guided very well at home.

    • Another thing that worries me is not just the repulsive costumes and actions that are inappropriate for high school or even college, for that matter. But, ALL the girls are minorities…………what does that tell those reviewing the video,….sure would paint a negative picture of African Americans and (maybe inappropriately so) today’s Black values.

    • They are dressed like strippers parading. Dallas cowgirls look better and dancing is not strutting. Would not let my daughter dress in this manner.

  1. These girls are great looking and talented but this is not how we or the school should be exploiting young High School Girls. Whats the message here?

  2. My daughter would be out of cheerleading, I don’t want to raise a street walker, I want my daughter to know how to dress respectfully, and have a worthwhile profession!!!!! What kind of message does this send to these young girls???? SHAMEFUL…….

    • The way I read it is they are not cheerleaders but “dancers” that have no place in a football game in the first place.

      The school bards tell the kids what they can and cannot wear to the prom but allow this. It’s over the line,,,,unless they actually ARE hookers. You tell me.

      • They look like professional hookers to me…at least it is impossible to tell the difference.

        I guess that is the message the school wants out in tgeir community, that their highschool is a school teaching how to look like a professional hooker.

        • When the girls become sexual objects, they wonder why young men get aroused.
          If the parents let alone the school authorized this, shame on both of them, Where are the adults.

  3. High school cheerleaders are not only disrespecting there school but, their selfs. So young, so sad. Very inappropriate.It doesn’t show self respect. Just saying…

  4. The outfits are indecent. And they are suppose to lead cheers- not cheap slinky half dressed dances that don’t belong in sports. I notice they are all black. What are they trying to prove? Children go to games and should not be exposed to a strip show.

  5. I did not know that Sexual Innuendo needed Cheering. What sort of school administration would allow this to be on display at a football game let alone anywhere on their campus?

  6. Well when you let them watch Beyoncé and Mily Cyrus,,,this is what they now think is acceptable, APPARENTLY THERE ARE NOT REAL ADULTS AT THE SCHOOL THESE GIRLS ATTEND, they just want to attain to be the strippers of the world…NO WAY is this appropriate for any SCHOOL.

  7. This is awful and so very cheap for these young women. It appears that the sponsor is teaching these young students to be strippers. This should NEVER go on at any high school or college. Such a poor excuse for the sponsor and the school itself.

  8. Lovely young women but this is just sad. The media is lionizing that scumbag, Hugh Hefner but this is the result of his sexual exploitation of young women. He took women barely out of their teens (and many were still in their teens) and made them into whores. Read the accounts of his “playmates” and how his “liberation” of them led to desperation on the part of many.

  9. This is plain inappropriate for a high school. What are those people thinking and what happened to moral values in this country? Where are the parents and just what kind of parents are they who think this okay apparel for their daughters to be wearing. This is an invitation to disaster!

  10. I am shocked even one parent agreed to this. Doesn’t this school have a dress code? Who paid for these trashy outfits? Where are the adults?

  11. Why is the school allowing this type of dress and routine? There’s something with that school dministration and the parents for not saying no way. Is this how we want our young women- as strippers? Very sad statement made.

  12. These young girls are just doing what their cheer coach has taught them. And unfortunately now the stress on sexuality is over the top. We have to take most of the blame on ourselves for not paying attention to who is on our school boards and who is teaching our children and what they are teaching them. We turned our rights to them. Now it’s time to take them back after all these are our children. So when you are electing school board members really take hard look at who they are what they believe and maybe it’s time to clean the swamp out of our own backyards as well as D.C.

    • The teacher’s unions would never destroyed the American education system if the school boards would have done their jobs…. Think about how the members of your local school board are going to handle the next contract negotiation before you vote for them when they come up for re-election.

      It’s 30 years past time to put our foot dawn. Time to retake the schools.

  13. I wonder how many of these girls will be pregnant by the time they finish high school, if they ever do! Then guess what, who will be paying for all their offspring — you guessed it, the taxpayers.

    • I agree as they are asking to be in a worse place then now it is disgusting
      they should not be allowed in any more games along with no more foot ball.
      down grading our nation and our schools. Take to much for granted

  14. Future applicants for the ” oldest profession “, great parents and greater teachers, and not one white girl– that’s a little racist!

    • A statement by a total JERK! These are CHILDREN, just because they are dressed liked hardened whores does not change the fact that these are our children. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  15. What school is that again? Ho-bag Central you say? We as a society sexualize our kids too much as it is, and these girls are way over the top, dressing and strutting like skanky little whores. If my daughter were in that POS organization, I’d yank her out of it so fast, no one would remember what she looked like. Then I’d raise hell with the school board until such time as the person who came up with it was gone.

    • This fit well with my opinion. There is probably a dance coach who is very proud of the sexy parading of these young ladies strutting in front of the crowd. And there are hopefully a group of parents who are hoping for the coach’s head on a platter (figuratively), at least for the coach’s contract to be sent through the shredder.

  16. I saw something very similar two years ago at the game that my granddaughter was a cheerleader for her school. She was head cheerleader and they wear very conservative outfits and their coaches told them at the start, you are not out there to be doing the hooche cooche. The other team, I was in shock. Not only was their outfits so very inappropriate, but their lewd, sexual dancing was sickening. I was ashamed for the young ladies on that team that the adults in their lives thought so little of them that they would prosititued these young girls. This happened in Columbus, GA.

  17. Totally agree Joyce. What you put into your mind comes out in your actions. The music, tv, and celebs have gone down the gutter.

  18. Disgusting, obscene, unacceptable, racism. This is a football stadium-not a strip club, with children and families attending. These girls are not cheerleaders, not dancers- — I don’t know what they are trying to prove. But it’s very inappropriate. White girls would not do this.

  19. ****Sarcasm ALERT **** …. everyone is a “Racist” for ‘claiming’ these girls are Anything Other Fine Upstanding young Role Models for their younger sisters. As you can plainly see the sexual degradation of young girls by the hip-hop world is in full force …But…How Dare we, as a society, judge these young hookers wanna-be’s on their life choices. ( to paraphrase Caddy Shack…”The World Needs Ho’s Too”….

  20. I wonder how fast those same parents would sue the school when some low life(s) try and solicit their daughters for dressing like that? The school should certainly not have allowed that dress to represent their school. So where is the same outrage that surfaced in the news when the First Lady donated some books to the children’s library? Do we just consider the source and ignore it? You must decide how both incidents affects you.

  21. If it wasn’t t so sad, it would be funny. What happened to presenting a strong competent image of our young women? I don’t care how much talent they are supposed to have, no one is going to get beyond the stripper get up to see anything else. Too bad.

  22. When this was decided, where were the parents, grandparents, teachers and Administration when these “outfits?” were chosen? Totally inappropriate! It is scary where our moral values are going and that no one appeared to stand up against this choice! This has given these girls the message that This is ok!

  23. Like the song said ” Teach your children well” Black America at its best showing their kids how to be a Hoochy-Coochy, Great Job Obama, they will all have children at age 14. Get those Wel-fare checks printed up!

  24. Wait a minute….I was a cheer coach for Jr High/ Varsity cheer squads….Both squads were talented..NEVER would I allow my girls to dress like this..I would have been brought up to the board..The girl coach should know better…Cheerleaders are looked up to by young girls…Hoping one day they can be a cheerleader…Cheerleaders are to set an example for the rest of the students..they reflect the school…So, in other words…This school allows indecent dress….the parents…the coach promotes this kind of dress….glad my children never went there….The coach should be reprimanded and brought to the board…If they are as talented as voiced….then let the talent show…what you wear does not help or add to the girls talent…wow..!!!!!

    • opps….i thought they were cheerleaders….sorry.but still on the field looking like this…still reflects the school image and the director should have his or her butt kicked….!!!!!!!

  25. From the looks of them, I’d be willing to bet 9 out of 10 of them will be on the pole by the time they turn 18. So why not start practicing for it in high school.

  26. I cannot believe the school board has not stopped this before those girls even got on the field! This is beyond reprehensible-disgusting or whatever you want to call it! And, where are the parents of these girls? And, what will the parents say when these girls as older young adults have to tell people that their daughter is a stripper !!! I just cannot believe the school principal didn’t attempt to stop this regardless of how good they are at dancing!!

    • My guess is that the parents were very aware of the outfits as they are the ones paying for them. That’s not saying much for the parents. Even though the high school has no morals, I’m surprised that it was allowed by the school district. If it were my daughter, that would have been the end of her cheerleading career. This is Bob’s wife.

  27. My mom brought us up to be decent girls and young ladies. I think the parents join forces and stop this. School was not to display call girls and hoes. I believe most men in the nineteen forties even want ed their daughters to be ladies.

  28. Does anyone know what their trying to represent, or the reason for why they did this? I’ve always thought NFL cheer leaders uniforms left little to the imagination sometimes but, I’ve never seen any of them dress like whores for a football game. Just wondering.

  29. Its time for Mothers and Fathers to put their foot down with the schools and let them know that these are still children and teach them some self respect. Its time for Moms and Dads to take the reins again.

  30. Are there any price tags on their backs. Sorry, but that is what it looks like… Truly disgusting that a parent would let their daughter dress as a “Ho”?

  31. Everybody is talking about racial profiling. What do these people think they are doing? They are giving the rest of the world the picture of it right here on their own. These girls beautiful though they are are all black not one white or Spanish or any other race in the bunch. And they will be the first to SCREAM! Racism well honey, don’t try and play that card at this table. What can you expect when you do such as this? What are the rest of us supposed to think? If I were the girls parents I would be livid that the school allowed this kind of so called half time entertainment and displayed my daughter as a common whore to the community. Where is everybody’s brains these days?

  32. I am sorry these young girls are not dressed like strippers. They are dress like brothel hookers and they are vulgarly acting the same. What kind of parent in their right mind would allow their daughter to parade around on a football field in this fashion? This is shameful. God help them.

  33. To degrade the young women in such a way is letting them know that they cannot be anything in life but this, is thus what they are being told this is what you are going to be in life so let’s get on with it !!!!!! So degrading to these young people !!!!!!!!

  34. inappropriate yes – where are their parents. But the upside is they will have experience in a profession they can get into after they drop out of high school.

  35. This is what happens when leftists get hold of our kids. Parents need to be more involved in their kid’s schools. We look at something like this and get one possible answer as to how pedophilia can gain a foothold….passing girls off as women strippers, complete with groins thrust forward. DIS.GUST.ING!!

  36. One look and you can see the moral character of that school, faculty, board,
    and community all rolled up in what they can promote and get by with it!

  37. I am sick of all this moral degeneracy our society embraces these days. I am sick of the obsession with sex, the immodesty in dress and actions, the foul language and the hatred being fostered by the sick media, left wing politicians and Marxist groups trying to destroy our people, our families, our nation, Christianity and Western Culture. They are pushing so much division between races, men and women etc.. hoping to conquer this society and replace it with a Satanic, wickedly evil government of the perverted rich elites controlling all aspects of our lives with no freedoms, liberty, free speech, security and no pursuit of happiness !!

  38. I may have already had my “three score and ten”, and confess to not always understanding the mores in today’s “modern” ways of thinking. That said, I will also add that I am by no means a curmudginly old prude, and still appreciate attractive females as much as I ever have. But I’ve always believed that the way a lady dressed and presented herself in public spoke volumes about the way she considered herself and how she expected to be treated. These girls are obviously attractive and very talented, but it seems to me that their choice in costumes is sending the wrong message about their self esteem and self image. I reserve my harshest criticism and condemnation for their parents and the idiot school administrators who approved a choice of “uniforms” more suitable for a sleazy ’40s burlesque house than a high school athletic field.

  39. Future strippers can’t believe their families would approve of such a revealing outfit when it comes to prom though they make a huge deal out of that with all kinds of restrictions what is up with all of this? My daughter would never be dressed like that out there!

  40. what everyone seems to forget is that racism could be involved in the attitude of the school and the coach.there are a lot of people who think of black women are incapable of being anything more than hookers and strippers,just like planned parenthood founder,who founded the organization for the purpose of eradicating the black race.too bad that there are too many black people who seems to agree with the school or else this would have been stopped before it ever got started.these kids had to have their outfits long before the game,and the parents had to know what they were going to be doing.if they didnt,they weren’t doing their job as parents.

  41. Totally inappropriate and has no connection whatsoever with healthy, innocent cheerleaders. Who were these dumbhead girls trying to impress? “Trashy” is an understatement. I would have called the paddy wagon to rid the stadium of the cheapness of this out-of-place demonstration.

  42. These girls are dressing and “dancing” in a very provocative way.
    Is this by design of the school, teachers, of other faculty members?
    I am very surprised at the parents who would allow such a “display” of
    their daughter’s wares. They need not act surprised not if, but when, a
    girl gets into trouble, or gets raped, or abducted by some scumbag. It
    happens all too often. Is it any wonder when those girls have no positive
    role models in Hollyweird/music industry to look up to? Our country is in
    terrible trouble and people take a lot for granted. There is zero respect
    for authority anymore and moral decay is at an all-time high. God help us!

  43. This ain’t what Rev. King had in mind. This is teen, black hookers we wouldn’t want standing for our anthem.
    Make’em kneel on both knees when the anthem is played

  44. Wonderful ! Baby Momma’s On Parade. I’m thinking maybe 3-5 ‘no daddy’ kiddies from each of them . They’ll be on Full State Support for the rest of my Tax-Paying Life.

  45. Liberal education at it’s finest!!! They’re just little girls. They don’t know any better, because they have never been taught any better. The adults responsible for this should be drummed out of public education. These children can only end up one way, unless mentored in an opposite direction!!! God help us all!!!

  46. Yes to so many of your comments. This is the 2nd negative viral I’ve seen on this cheerleading/dance group. They’re just girls making a transition into womanhood and realizing themselves.
    Should the coach do that to them? Nah. Should the parents allow it? Nah. But don’t blame the girls. Don’t quit on the girls.
    If you quit they may just become everything bad that you say.

  47. Are these girls practicing how to be street walkers, or they fresh of the jungle learning an aboriginal dance. If I was a parent, (in the first place they would never have undressed in public ) I would be checking out the morals or rather the lack thereof of the so called teacher of this moral rot.

  48. Cheerleading? This is a mix of lap dancing and pole dancing. Inappropriate for a football game, but fine for a cabaret show in Vegas.

  49. Sorry but I decided after reading all the comments I thought maybe I should watch the tape because several
    said it was a shame the way they were dressed as they have a lot of talent. Talent? I saw none! Anyone can take off their clothes, put on boots and carry a fan and learn to strut in a straight line swinging their hips.
    Absolutely no talent. Arena football uses Dancers rather than cheerleaders but number one the woman are over 21 and they where more clothes than these girls and actually have a dance routine. This thing is just wrong on on all points. I think the parents that don’t have kids on this “dance/cheerleader” squad should go to the next school board meeting and tell them how this disgusting display is demeaning to the black girls. Not just black parents that have children at that school but white parents too. Why did the black parents let their daughters perform like this? There is only 1 parent in the family? As long as she’s not doing anything that will get her arrested they don’t care? They brag to their friends and family that their daughter is so beautiful and has so much talent that she is one of a select few to have this opportunity? Parent/parents have no morals so how would they tell their girls that it is all wrong!

  50. Too inappropriate to be! It is those; however, responsible for such dress, who are the scandalous fiends. God; however, knows and sees everything. Every sin against any Holy Commandments will be brought in the open. Pray for our Nation to return to that sense of common decency once again. Thank God for President Trump and his family indeed. We are blessed to have him.

    • If they only knew how stupid they look strutting like an ostrich through the vines of a jungle. It’s just nauseating! Shame on their parents for allowing their kids to expose themselves like this and make fools out of themselves! And the high school! Geez!!! And MelanieCruz you hit the nail on the head! I too am so very grateful for our President and his fine family and yes we are blessed to have them. Thank You, Father!!!


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